quarta-feira, junho 20, 2012

325 M 20 062012

Meanwhile, me, and consequently all the world is waiting to see if this time will be an official answer from Angela Markel as European chancellor, and discounting the line that apparently came from her this morning in the Portuguese radio, in a metaphor concerning the almost eight million to rescue the debts in Spain and in Italy, I wonder if we are speaking about atocha and abruzzo, saying that she expect a strong signal, that echo on my name and the recent image of the antenna RKO in the kiss comment that I gave to Gwen and the image of the magnetic bombs, already published in the last video sequence under, a update and a criminal public inquiry about so call doctors in Portugal that are robbers of child’s, child’s molesters, and tortures.

And of course other small details in recent covers here in Portugal namely rajoy and red circles racks ….

Paulo forte
20 06 2012

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a crime concerning the genocydes crimes that are here approached! this one in particular concerning the bombs in London, and the conversation with the Queen