quinta-feira, junho 21, 2012

text new email send just now to german embassady at lisbon

and also to Mr Markus from EC

Dear Mr Embassador,
waiting for the replay of sweet chancelor angela markel, i m asking again to forward her this link, that i suppose can help decide the way she behaviour as chancelor, i still hope.

Best regards
paulo forte

To the European criminal court, concerning acts of terror due by the abuse of child’s, one of the reasons what the terrorists had robber and abuse my son and me all this years

To the European criminal court, concerning acts of terror due by the abuse of child’s, one of the reasons what the terrorists had robber and abuse my son and me all this years
criminal accusation against all the heads of political, Judicial and judiciary authorities in Portugal, that by denying my right’s and the rights of my son, are accomplices of act of torture and abuse over him and me.

There are two images that came together now, in this lasts sequence of videos, the first one, also recorded first, this is important to understand the validity of this emerging sense, is in the video that start in the garden of the public library at Olivais, and them the word, speaks about metaphors, and collective mental diseases that are growing in the world, everywhere, the schizophrenic behavior, that results from the inability that peoples in this environment have to sustain they values concerning the perceptions of the facts that mainly are distorted of simple lies.

This word goes around a metaphor and the transposition of this metaphor of an apparent case of dope of lance Armstrong, for real facts and crimes around the hospital Amadora Sintra which are described in early videos published in this last sequence, namely the constant deny of proper health care that the murders, are doing as way to murder me.

In a certain point of this video, when I’m recording near the radio, the repetition of the news concerning the lance Armstrong case, or metaphor, because I also had translate it content in correlation with other lines more abroad at the moment on the table of analyze, concerning other crimes and major disgraces, the image show a very particular not prepared, as always my shoots, square, that after viewing the video in whole, stays in my mind as a kind of question.

We see the white ceiling and a percentile, oblique, line, that the ones that fallow my readings now, that many times, I associate not only as an expression of a disequilibrium but also many times, as one of the technical declinations of the word say, connected with pediatrics, child’s and child’s abuse, this conscience of the meaning of the term, that the image had reflect at that point, was what stay on my mind, and the sum, with the word in radio at that precise moment, add, dope, a case dope, them, seems point about a some medical abuses concerning child’s due with some kind of substances that normally we call dope

(Caa= carlos cruz, casa pia process of similar methods apply concerning other child’s)

Another particular detail at that point in the image, is given by the movement of a hand, and a finger, that came from down and points the ceiling, this translate the concept of phallus, and phallus directed to the sky, which means shooting airplanes

(Portuguese federation phallus). (That is also a large image of many other subjects concerning airplanes and in this sequence even, concerning the series of airplanes from Helios that occur at a certain moment this last years as I had analyze in detail in my book of life, as the fires.)

In one part of the word in this first video, this concept, of abuse on child’s thought dope, also arise, within the metaphor, real, in part at least, of the minority report, as techniques not only aim what we can consider previewing the future but also as way to facilitate in association with other facets, namely special army operations, killing for instance during a war, or to promote acts of terror, the word image speaking at that point refers the concept of magnetic bombs, that is also almost full contextualized in this moment in what I can call ,the more general analyze on this matter, that connects acts of terror in the world namely in Europe.

The other image that sums to the first one, is in another video, was recorded after this one, and published yesterday, is the account of a telephone conversation with another psychiatric, Cabral Fernandes, that is involved with at least four another ones know and probably other that still unknown until this moment, due the criminal behavior of all the judicial and judiciary entities in this case, and other concerning international acts of terror.

Because a similar image square, without also any kind of pre planning, is defined by the image itself, during the conversation telephonic with him.

However this square appears also by a reason that I’m aware, is in the moment that I ask the lady Sandra, secretary of the psy, if she have my phone number register on her system, and I did not understand also by technical reasons at glance if she had of not, and a put the phone on the desk, to start looking for my number, this say in sum, about an id, that appears in this paragraph writing as (Meo, mu Y) a lady from Y, connected with the group meo, PT communications official company, also robbers and murders. Ceo.

As I also analyze on the comment after the phone, in the same video, the conversation with this psy, was apparently strange by itself, if considering as I must, all the contextual text or word that came around, and even this, can be done express in a way on inducting a certain lecture or conclusions, as is prove they do many times, in all the levels of what we before consider the public space of communication, namely medias.

(Spy, had pay posi)

This contextual strangeness his explicit by itself, because the theme of the conversation and the elements that he introduce in the conversation, apparently had nothing to do between them.

I’m speaking with him about the case of the robber and acts of torture of my son, and he replays bring to scene a name of a senator of psd, that is the party of the actual cabinet where in Portugal, a new tax, and the disgrace of the elections on Greece, with reference to another value, a percentile, of 3 per cent and a metaphor, a crash, that this will be a crash to me, ( is opinion), that in his point of view, the system is all corrupted, that they close his services in a city around Lisbon in a month, that I will lose any action against the criminal psychiatrics, that they have the machine all oiled against me and was better if a return to myself and go travel.

(Ss, s k pscyhiatric)

And if at first glance seems the content of his conversation having nothing to do, or was expected as an answer, indeed, in the other side of the same coin, as this analyze prove, make a lot of what we can consider complementary sense

(Com p lem net ary, ps, se ns)

And again an old statement that i had done many times during all this years, concerning the analyze of the acts of terror during this decade, seems again acquire height, that this acts of terror, are done in the context of political fights among political houses, that they are done to change political conditions and regimes all around the world

Also by the details that arising in the write of this words, appears, military’s, spy’s, football, some particular ids, that also give nexus to the criminal behavior of all the political bodies of this republic during all this years, in covering this crimes, and denying all the laws and right’s, sometimes, trying to pretend that is due by reason of state security, and made all them, accomplishes of these crimes.

All the recent facts that have arisen in Portugal namely concerning the super spy as they call, and even the oldest one, concerning the case of child abuse in Casa Pia, give in sum a lot of height to support these conclusions.

All this facts, namely concerning the acts of terror in Greece whore published in detailed analyzes in my book of life, at ourosobreazul.blogspot.com, now due a recent crime, as dot Pt. more the one thousand posts are disappeared at this moment, many of them concerning this questions of international terrorism.

There is also an apparent relation with the particular expression the psy used, the oiled machine and crash that can refer to an attempt of murder they have done against me, in the 90, with oil in the road near by an old gun factory, braço de prata, arm of silver, that is accounted in detail in book of life, namely what I discover after about it, and one particular connection with someone that worked at my company Latina Europa. In this text appear Caa, which is the acronym of another company of TV production that belong to Carlos Cruz, one of the names connected with the so call child abuse case in Portugal, Casa Pia.

I also stress to the non-corrupt worldwide authorities, that a text that I had write and published at the child blog of an international conspiracy crime, on acts of torture against my son and me, corresponding to the third video part of statements concerning the methods of torture, has been erased, and in this text this question of the abuse of child’s and parents at world level during all this last decade, was approached and explained, and also give the account that this is not a isolate case at European level.

The erase of this particular text on this point of this criminal accusation, speaks by itself.

I also remember that I had explain to all that this process of abuse and psychological manipulation and induction with and trough child’s whore done also in the private elite socialist school, from Mario Soares family, that as all know, is one on the heads behind the robber and act of abuse and torture against my son and me

This is consequently a criminal accusation against all the heads of political, Judicial and judiciary authorities in Portugal, that by denying my right’s and the rights of my son, are accomplices of act of torture and abuse over him and me.

Acts of torture and abuse of child’s and parents thought child’s are crimes and must be stopped!
Is unacceptable that this crimes still occur in Europa

The videos hereby in this piece of accusation mentioned are, the first one, 320 M 14 06 2012 and 
325 M 20 06 2012

In this day of this writing, they still are doping me, and by the facts described in other recent videos statements a strong believe that they are do this to large groups of population, namely trough milk and possibly public waters, this is a tremendous crime, and I had catch Antonio Manuel Seguro, actual PS general secretary, in recent news at radio, just after having described this crime of doping, saying that was a question of dose, then I must conclude, that him is at least aware and also participating on it.

Paulo forte
21 06 2012