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329 M 29 06 2012 Criminal complaint against all the Portuguese authorities

329 M 29 06 2012
Criminal complaint against all the Portuguese authorities

Crimes of recent illegal entrance at my home, robbers of information and prove, adulteration, robber of money, within the pass with dope that they had used to put me sleep in an abnormal way during three of four days.

This is a prove of the corruption of all justice body’s in Portugal and a prove of they constant acts of terrorism.

To all and to European authorities in the absence of the Portuguese authorities, one of the last pass they had done recent was to put me sleep in an abnormal way.

The dope they used affected also my ram memory, the recent memory.

I ask recently, why, what crimes they had done during these days to put me sleep in this way, and what they wanted to erase in my conscience at least.

I suppose they had enter my house again by the window, because the window in the kitchen was open, and I’m sure I had closed it before. Perhaps they had enter just before doping me, and they let it open, because I do not see the windows lookers all the time by the blinds, and they enter by the windows, as it seems reinforce also by another recent image, or scene, already show, of some apparent workers in next building in a kind of rappel.

I do not know for sure if they had entered this time for the window, as they had done in the pass. This I’m sure because few years ago they break the windows looks to make it possible and many groups also have my home keys as I have proven again by the recent declarations of the terrorist and murder antonio manuel Seguro, actual secretary of socialist party, after my account in Amadora Sintra hospital pass, in the radio news, where he speaks a line, … that was a question of dose... without any logical context or sense, other this one. They whore not speaking about uni dose that was an idea to equilibrating the public debt in this major sector, which I have told many years ago.

I stress that around this lines also display at Amadora Sintra, there is many crimes of murder, not only where in Portugal but also the killing at Beslan, russia.

Some years ago, the public debt on this sector, was 900 hundred millions, whore almost recovered if he put in practice the uni dose in pills, but they do not do it at that point neither until now, and this is a crime against the state of law, and public moneys, and the citizens’ rights an shows also the political corruption that is also in the public health system for many decades.

I notice already, at this moment that I’m writing this accusation, that they had again robber me some money, that seems be reflected in this “story”, in part at least was they use often, about the Germany submarines that I will explain in other time, because this is also a different and very large line, I suppose they do not want me that I’m able to travel, namely to go the Luxemburg try to present my criminal complaint at the European criminal court.

Also they still and change not only a recent video master, but also erase at least one original, on my external drives, they also destroy a drive, the connection, the usb 3.0 cable, this is also a way to oblige me to spend more money, to control my autonomy in terms of finances, which as all know are almost none, because I’m still a live from the weekly pocket money that my parents give to me. I do not know if the act of destroying the drive had already started at Vila Real, where they enter my room at the hotel I was, another crime, of course, also as all, without any replay from any authority.

I say this also, by the echo’s at antenna two, a science program, about a metaphor of black holes that sucks the energy, from the university in the north of Portugal, that seems reflect the crimes at Vila Real as I gave the account.

They erase and manipulate evidences, another line that is also in the table by other reasons, namely the “mat judgments “, see Gulbenkian recent video, that points also masons acts and crimes, I have also hear a very curious line, that the man of the plume is the man that judges, the man of the plume is Noronha do Nascimento, the supreme court head, a criminal, a terrorist, a child molester, a Nazi, and a corrupt as I had already prove, that is implied in this international conspiracy against me and my son and many others, and is also a mason.

I have present many facts during all this years, even with the ex-president Lula, from Brazil, about this kind of judgments of Mat, at Portuguese parliament, in a photo at the DN at time, this are masons actions, that are also at the supreme court, by other side, they forgery, they invoke reasons of state, to came here “auditing ”, as they call, my activities or my works, this was also today mirror on another veil in press, to still and forgery proves and evidences.

This that is show and explain in this video, is concerning another recent video, the 319 M 08 06 2012, they have cut a take, 835 of the day 8, the kiss to Gwen, where process of acts of terror are analyze.

Many other video have been forgery, and as I often stated to European authorities, also the general public attorney is a corrupt, is a state terrorist as I proved in many different fields and no one where in Portugal can trust of expect any justice in front of this fact, that they do they work properly.

I just sum two others detail, concerning another recent money robber at Ritalinos coffee, and the recent pass with the vases in my toilette, maria prophetess, football, euro, and the two young ladies pass at the same street, recent lines already accounted, that someone at least propose a lecture, that was command or act by a psp police disguise as judiciary one.

The second one at the Dia supermarket at Alcantara, beside the absence of any answer concerning the crime of attempt against my live and probably against many other, public health crimes, at other supermarket that still had no answer, that seems point another crime of death.

Also I heard by the spirit concerning the murder of the young pianist or the murder Vila Real image, that they had do not done any autopsy and the accusation against the terrorist Cavaco Silva, also had no answer, that confirms that he is covering it.

I want justice and I demand an intervention from European justice, because the justice in this country is in the Nazis hands.

Paulo forte
29 06 2012

i also send just now,  this link to germany embassador

with the follow text

Dear embassador

Until this day i had any anwser to my last emails that i send to yours ambassady, and to Lady chancellor Angela Markel and the minister of foreigner affairs.

Hereby a new video link that i ask if you please send to both

In this video again is proved the constant crimes in this country in the hands of Nazis

I insist, in the demand of international justice assistant

can you confirm me the arrival of all the last emails?

Best regards

paulo forte
29 06 2012