quarta-feira, julho 04, 2012

todays email to Germany embassador

Dear ambassador of Germany

I’m asking if you please can send this link, http://ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt/2012/07/criminal-motives-and-motivations.html, concerning these criminal accusations, to the chancellor Angela Markel, and ask her, as I’m asking her and all that carry functions of politic and justice at European level, if similar criminal behaviors also happen in other European territories, without the expected by law, criminal responsibility, namely in crimes of mass murder.

Still waiting for yours replay, concerning the other crimes that I recent forward to yours embassy, and also a straight answer, why you all still deny to me and my son all the justice that is due at the European level.
With my best compliments
Paulo forte
04 07 2012

criminal motives and motivations concerning the crime of international conspiracy against me, my son, and many others.

This video, 331 M 02 06 2012, is a piece of the criminal accusation at the European criminal court, concerning some facts that explain crimes and some of the criminal motives and motivations concerning the crime of international conspiracy against me, my son, and many others.

The facts in the video narrated, concern mainly the politicians and other houses and the bodies and apparent interprets in the justice field in Portugal, because criminals and outlaws never can carry functions on this level, and they are behavior like criminals, and perpetuating by the absence of carrying they role according the law, many other constant crimes, include murders, no one have any doubt about it.

As I stated long time ago and often, there is a going on crime, and the criminal behavior of all that carry functions connected with the fulfillment of the law in Portugal, also made all the accomplishes of this crimes, and this situation of crime against the state of law, only can be solve by the intervention of the justice at European level, this is what a citizen demand and expect from structures that are first of all communitarian’s.

This is what a citizen expect and demand when as resultant of this going on crime, is namely, having his only son stole and abuse and torture as him since 2005, without any exception during all this seven years, from one, that had act according the law.

This is what a citizen expect and demand when his life, the life of his son, and many others, are in consequence of this crime, under continuous attempt of murder.
These two statements from recent videos, 226 E and 277 M, show some of the more important criminal motives behind this crime of international conspiracy against me, my son, and many others.

Robber of political concepts for all the political houses and others, that for this crime sustain in a bandit association among all, the constant deny of the basic right’s that are consecrated to a citizen by the republic laws, and in this away sustain the crime of conspiracy against me and my son from the year of 2005, and all have criminal profit from it.

This robber of political concepts, solutions, even basis of laws and common agreements, is also at a world level, as many facts proved during many decades, including the high communitarian institutions, namely the European Parliament and European council.

This is also the main reason behind the criminal behavior that all European institutions have been concerning my complaints and by denying the justice replay at all these levels.

Robber of concept’s, and product concepts, that after became real, same of them, with worldwide value, that by this criminal nature, also translate and enlarge the crime of conspiracy to world territory, and for this, this crime is also a crime of international conspiracy, as Obama, once say indirectly about it.

Independent of the field, no one that carries political responsibilities in Europe cannot answer this demand of justice, because denying has been also happening all this years.

This is what my steps in the last year and this one concerning the try to contact and obtain support at the European parliament and the criminal court, as prove behind any reasonable doubt, also at this high level of the European institutions, the support and even the access to the justice, as being to me until now, obstructed, and deny, sometimes in criminal way, many of you, know me, and know my case and the case of my son, as before, for other reasons, the same had occur concerning TPI.

This show and prove to all Europeans that you also prefer to act in criminal away, and by consequence, that no one can trust anymore any political body at European level and by conclusion, that, there is not any future in what kind of European project that is not able to grant justice to all that lives in the countries that pretend to sustain it, namely in life protection, Childs abuse, acts of torture, and attempts of murder, and murders.

And I also had already remember to all, in some cases, according to different laws in each country, deny helping, can also be charged as criminal act.

The first statement in this video, start with a comment on a recent quotation from the ex-finances minister from socialist party, Teixeira dos Santos, about an unknown lie from individuals connected with a bank affected in the so call crisis, and, what seems he know about the connections and consequences, namely with the acts of terror in London bombs, as can be fully understood seeing all the videos statement sequence.

This speaks all about how gentleman’s from the socialist party apparently deal with matters of crimes, including the so call public debt that appear when he carry the finances, coming a day to another, certainly from outer space in the value of five billions euros.

Then appears Pedro Marques Lopes, as connection with the group of bank BNP, and by extension a few more terrorist some at the level of state as Pedro Santana Lopes that had carry a kind of “coup d’état” in the social democratic party some years ago, with the first one and others, behind as apparently strategic conceivers, based again in robber and perversion of my politics idea’s and writing, as prove by the time line of the events itself.

Another alliance of this transversal to all parties and houses, showed also the face in a program of radio, at the same time, Adão Silva that is the family name of the lawyer that belong to the commission of honor of Mario Soares, father of the socialist party, when he runs to election and to the board of the lawyer order, and was the one charged to make official the crime of robber, abuse, and act of torture, against my son and me at through the court of miners and family.
A link between the two major parties in Portugal, the ones that all long the so call democracy share in most the power and the criminal responsibility of the constant crime od abuse of power and crime against the state of law and republic and democracy, they do against all the people and in particular to the ones that fight them by reason of law and heart

A link that also is a fact, extend to one of the daily media, the DN newspaper, where both, Mario Soares and Pedro Marques Lopes, write, which is one of the more active and constant thought all this years, in this crime of conspiracy that pass to all medias in Portugal, that also show the daily power they use distorting the truth of facts in front of the public opinion, mounting constant lies and attempt of framing of all and nothing.
All this power apparently display in daily basis for years against a father and a son, shows well, that many and major crimes and major criminal interests are behind, that all the cover they do concerning the truth of what I state about they multiple crimes, and the constant crime of continuous perversion, that also include enter my house, spy and steal things, with the complacence of all authorities, that many of the crimes, if not all, that I accuse them all this years, are indeed real.
Then another criminal fact is reminder, another appropriation of intellectual propriety in political field, in another party, prefigured by a man in front of one socialist party tendencies, Manuel Alegre, in time of elections, with a campaign mounted on my sequence of daily texts at time, and a surprising result, one million votes in a figure that not represented what was been remember and say to all, and again behind, sometimes after I discover that behind the campaign has Luis Osorio, that had also worked and been formed at my company Latina Europa.

Can I stat properly and in truth, that if all these persons knows me, three of them, Luis Osorio, Pedro Marques Lopes and Margarida Rebelo Pinto, had always fallow in close, my career, my work and even my personal life.

From Pedro Marques Lopes, another branch on this conspiracy, also extend, by his marriage, to his spouse, Cecilia and acts of torture due trough purpose bad teeth’s care, and this criminal fact, that is a crime of torture, shows well, how this people are and act, and discounting the eternals envy’s, in this case, mainly to support the criminal purposes of stealing political intellectual propriety that after is served to the ones that own them, to nourish false careers, that they even pay in acts of torture and the robber of sons.

Also recent arise in the image of the Hospital Amadora Sintra, what can be another connection, between, Cecilia, and other or others doctor in that hospital and certainly in many others, as is also proved that this crime of conspiracy, is also done by many doctors and even by the doctors order, that protected, namely, what is still shadow at my son birth, and others truth that had lead some of them to attempt to murder me in this last years.

And the court must not forget that this recent image at the hospital Amadora Sintra, also is connected with other older images namely at another hospital, Santa Maria at the time around one of the worsts killings, the children in Beslan.

Last week to more wires on this image appear in the public space of communication, one already quoted in a video master, the apparent arrest of a network of doctors and delegates of medical propaganda, and after an announcement of a demission from a man in front at a pharmacies order.

Because Beslan and others Russian killing also arise again in this last part of analyze, I also remember to the court that at Santa Maria hospital, also a corruption act done by the cabinet of Socrates, a direct license that was given to open a pharmacy there, shows at that point, that they whore covering, what some at least know about the truth in this cases, and yesterday cover of public seems sum another line concerning a id at Amadora Sintra, the lady from the OS of 23 December.

This also shows the ongoing criminal mechanism and at this light we understand a little more, why so many daily heavily artillery with so many and constant means, because in this crime against me and my son and many others, they fights and specially they ways of fighting, lead them in many times, to arise major disgraces in the world, and we still assist and live a constant run away from the terrorists, fast as it is they proportional guilty.

Then, in this video statement about the crimes of many against to the state of law, I remember what as others in different countries had been calling as, a sort of our 9 11, the fall of the bridge in Entre Rios, the killing of almost one hundred souls, and what this crime, had proven in front of all the eyes, about the corruption in politics and justice field, and the total un acceptable impunity.

This account on this crime, without criminal responsibility so far, remember also Jorge Coelho, the man of the socialist party responsible for all organization in the territory for decades, that at the time, as minister with direct responsibility on these areas, and the exemplar criminal irony that translate the impunity, the acts of terror, and constant abuse of power, due by all the politicians trough decades.

Sure I’m, in sustain that my comments at that time, was an important motive for the criminal answer they all do, namely trough the field of justice and courts.

In the second part of this video statement, an example of what it is also a constant motive, that by the criminal revenues, assure by they participation, that is convenience to them to act together, as they always do, because all my life, they all still from me, at all the levels, creation and innovation fields include.

A robber of a concept that after became a commercial product, again associate with big firms of construction, in this particular crime, Brisa, and the Via Verde concept that after became a product, that due it nature, was export worldwide, and this particular facet of many concepts that after by still, became worldwide products, also explain why in this cases, the criminal interests became also worldwide.

For many years I’m claiming justice concerning this constant robbers of intellectual, of concepts and products that value some time billions, that is also a constant criminal motive from all this international bandits associations, and the continuous absence of answer, by denying even the right of present complaint, once again prove they guilty.

This is a criminal complaint against all hereby mentioned concerning the crimes described.

Paulo forte
04 07 2012

yesterday Cameron image at pt news papers

Strange image of Cameron yesterday on the cover of a newspaper here

Is “perfil”, where in his face he see, two wrinkles on the forehead and more two in the eye like parallels. The headlines speak complementary about an a politician, pro-European, that perhaps had change political position in the last times, as never seem before, in this case, a conservator from the liberals group

This particular signs in his face that whore on purpose show, seems reflect recent lines concerning the rails, underground metro on Moscow or others, the line of a mark of the forehead, and the pass, marks, in vision, lines approached at Gulbenkian garden recite

Summing other anterior detail, his saying, also say, the “petro” from polis, which means, a certain Pedro, there are two on the table right now, as all can understand from the criminal accusation above published, but one, had a connection with polis, in the sense translation, of CML, the Council of Lisbon, petro, also seems translate a kind of dinaussarian, perhaps an old dragon, that also seems fit his id, Pedro Santana Lopes, or someone from is group

Paulo forte
And the key in cut words
Is “per fil”, w here, in his face, he see, two w rin k l es on the for, e head and more two in the eye l ike par alle ls. T he he ad lines sp e ak com p lem ant ary about ana politician, pro European, that pea r h ps h ad c h ange poli g t ic la posi ti o n i n, t he la st times, as n eve r se e m bef o re
T hi s p art ti cu l ar si g n s in his face, t hat whore on p ur pose sho w, se e ms ref le ct re cent lines c on ce r ning the rails, un der g r o un d metro on Moscow or ot her s, t he line o fa mark of the for he ad, and t he p ass, mar k sin v isi sion son, lines ap pro roc, he ed at gulbenkina garden rec it
S um ming ot her ante rio rat square eta tail, hi serprnet is sa ying also sa Y, the “petro” fr om pol is wich, me first io en ns, a ce rta in pedro, there are two on the t able rig h t now, as all can un der serpent cross and fr om the criminal accusation ab ove pub lish ed, but one, h ad a connection with p o lis, in the serpent es en set ra ns la ti o n no f C ML, the Co of the un cilo, silo, f Lis bon, petro, also se is ms cross ran serpent late a kin indo fp per rit io da ac cle dina uss aria ian, pera p h sa old dragon, cross hat al es serpent circle se , is ms fit hi serpent si id. pedro S ant ana fromLopes, circle rat serpent om is us one from I s g r circle up