sábado, julho 07, 2012

new letter to germany embassady, send today

this letter will be send rigth now to Germany embassady

Dear Sir Ambassador of Germany

Can you please answer me, why my recent emails send to your embassy, do not have any kind of answer until now, including the return of confirmation of good arrival.

Do you think is fair to raise the doubt if this continuous absence of answer, concerning questions of basic human rights defense, and crimes against many, including in your country id due to the existence of direct or indirect, represent, interests at least in obstruction to the justice?

I m asking you if you can send this link, to Chancellor Angela Markel, concerning a fact and a prove of the continuous crime made by all the politicians and authorities in this corrupted country in the hand of Nazis, asking her, once again, how its possible that she cover all them, at least trough political support


with my best regards

paulo forte

07 07 2012

333 E 06 07 2012 crimunal complaint against pt parlieament heads and autorities

criminal complaint against all heads of Portuguese parliament and autorities, for crime of constat manipulation of thruth, and robber of rights and money, consequently against the state of law, based on declarations and news from yesterday 


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