terça-feira, julho 10, 2012

334 E 10 07 2012, yesterday, again a crime of persecution

today email to german embassy

Dear ambassador of Germany


Can you please send this link to Lady chancellor Angela Markel with this question.

Tell me my lady, if in Germany, when the high court of republic take a decision, if the governments and the parliament obey it, or as this crime case in Portugal, they act in criminal manner, and even if they seems return after some months to the rule of law in the case mentioned in this video, no criminal responsibilities is demand to them.

And tell my Lady, why European lider s protect crimes of this nature against the principles of law and state of law and all the citizens

And tell me my Lady, why i still have not any answer from you concerning my emails.

Best regards
paulo forte

10 07 2012
i send another email, with the link, http://ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt/2012/07/334-e-10-07-2012-yesterday-again-crime.html

a new crime trougth portugal telecom,

as all can understand and check, all the videos in this blog for some days have problems, like a jam, in the display, this is made in purpose, this is a crime, and this is for this reason again, a crime complaint against portuguese telecom, PT

paulo forte
10 07 2012