sexta-feira, julho 13, 2012

336 M 12 07 2012

this is the video that the terrorists at portugal telecom, had today commited the crime as mentioned in post of today under, this video have content concerning the questions on analyze, london bombs, tridents, and eggs of waters , tsunami 2005

the 335 M , will be up load after, due this attack, i was aunable to do it, before the internet shop closed

prove of todays crime at portugal telecom headquarters in lisbon

prove of todays crime at the headquarters of portugal telecom, a company with a golden share of the portuguese state, that are implied in this crime of conspiracy and a major robber they had do against me and others, the robebr of channel zero, that after became you tube in america.this is one of the major reasons to this constant crimes, last time i saw the value of you tube, was above 3 billions dollars.

13 07 2012
paulo forte