segunda-feira, julho 16, 2012

340 E 16 07 2012 Criminal accusation against portuguese autorities

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Dear ambassador of Germany

I’m asking if you can forward to Chancellor Angela Markel, the following videos links, with these complementary questions

The German submarines crime case arises again in recent days where in news in Portugal, as you can confirm by recent videos that show it.

My Lady, can you please confirm me if the crime of corruption, on the selling of the Germany submarines to the Portuguese state, was as news here at time confirm, persecute trough German justice, and the yours citizens that whore involved in it, condemned.

If so, why criminal charges whore not also present against the Portuguese part on this crime, because law, I suppose also in your country, knows, that in this kind of crimes, there is always two parts, and if a crime, both are responsible, even, if in eventually different degrees.

Again I’m asking you more or less the same basic question, how can Germany authorities support a government where a minister, Paulo Portas, is the same that was involved in this corruption case

You can understand the more large context on this video, 336 M 12 07 2012, published at my blog
In second, I’m sending to you a clear prove of the constant crimes done through the Portuguese telecom, today, 13 07 2012 crime at they headquarters at Lisbon, where again they do not allow me the up load of the video under mentioned in the criminal way that the video explain, and perhaps at the same time, they had try to robber it, also perhaps to re edit after and change some proves and in this way adulterer the conclusions.

I’m asking you, if this constant crimes trough telecoms operators against individual rights and concerning this particular case, research on international crimes, done in this case by the Portuguese official company that have a so call golden share from the Portuguese state, have equivalent and constant impunity in your country, and I’m asking this having in my mind a recent statement from you, about the need of a police specialized on these crimes in Portugal, that I comment at the same time. This prove is in the video 337 E 13 07 2012.

Still waiting for your replays, concerning the previous emails that I send to you,

With my best regards
16 07 2012
Paulo forte