terça-feira, julho 17, 2012

343 M 17 07 2012 continuation, image tervuren, roses phases, london, and tsunami 2005 keys

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criminal accusation against pedro passos coelho

I ask to the European criminal court and worldwide authorities to gather the news diffuse by antenna 2, yesterday, at five of clock pm, as evidence and prove of this affirmation and demonstration that is the video 342 E 17 07 2012
Paulo forte
17 07 2012

341 E 17 07 2012 email send to Angela Markel

341 E 16 07 2012
This video was recorded yesterday, 16 07 2012, when sending one more email to Angela Markel trough the Germany embassy page on line.

Again I ask replay, state once more, that here, many, are constant attempting against my life, that all the Portuguese authorities, including the government, are active participating in this collective murder.

Again a crime case and a metaphor, the German submarines, the gloves, that seems at distance the real reason to have bought them. A crime case that involve an actual minister here, Paulo Portas.

Again a terrorist attack on line at the same time, as always, that give once more, substance to the stated in the recent attack in PT headquarters, that by this reason, proves without doubt, that they are all implied, that one of the objectives is the adulteration of production of prove, facts and evidences, that after are change or sell, inter between houses, in this kind of debts payments that is unacceptable by common law common to all the European country’s at least.

In the video, I ask Lady Angela Markel, why this continuous absence of replay and constant deny of justice and even proper health, remember also, that if this situation of the conspiracy silence in this crime sustains, logical, I must step to formalize also a criminal accusation against her and Germany for active participation on this international conspiracy.

Again I also raise the same basic question, why Germany authorities are protecting this government that act without any doubt as criminal, that belongs to the same politic family and if bottom line, she is, covering the responsibility of Durão Barroso.

As European citizen, I demand a full inquiry on the submarine case and the recovering of the gloves, which means, peoples money.

Paulo forte
17 07 2012