segunda-feira, julho 23, 2012

347 M 23 07 2012

In this master video, send once more an email to Germany embassy, PS, Antonio costa, crime at Paris, council of Lisbon crimes and disguises, new crime against the people and people’s money between council of Lisbon and the government, the French adventure movie, also a still of intellectual propriety and hysteria lines, plume, tsunami 2005, Bacardi image, image doctors and government last weeks and a key trough the antibiotics, flu as image of virus, fallopian tromp crime, ( in two points on the video), Denver news killings, if true the news.

new email send today to german embassady

Dear ambassador

Can you please forward this video link to Lady Chancellor Angela Markel, where among the account on many crimes, in the beginning, a comment on news of about once more an apparently money crime, thought an agreement between the socialist party in the Council of Lisbon Antonio Costa and the government concerning the debt of this institution, as I had listening in the radio.

I´m asking if you and Germany and European laws consider this kind of agreements as crimes of corruption against the state of law and the people, and how it’s possible then, they are done, and if Germany and European authorities allow them.

Of course other crimes are again disguise of this, perhaps even the new apparently, or not, hopping not, killing at Denver Colorado, as explain in the last part of this same video

Still a live and waiting for your replays

With my best regards

Paulo forte