quarta-feira, julho 25, 2012

348 M 25 07 2012

This video, 348 M 25 07 2012, have some images that some can consider adult material that by the explained reasons are integrant prove and demonstration of the active participation of Cavaco silva in this crime of conspiracy. Contrary to what I stated in English, of course, these images are not my propriety.

An attempt of murder, the waters and electricity in the toilette

A new email, send to Lady Angela Markel

A comment by the link of Gisele image show recent and the one at the PT parliament, Moreira in the newspaper, an illegal crime of access my home and archives, also a connection with japan matters, Borba mark and Pedro Passos Coelho.

Pena, feather, also connected with the volcano in the north of Europe, comment on the photo of Gisele, the nose, the cock, a pen, mask, tissue Japanize style, sexual meaning, the belt, keira, brazil rains, Ines, Kidman, Isabel Moreira, Assunçao Esteves, mna, underground, 1 as pt telecom and rtp symbol, av fontes Pereira de Melo, pool, bilhares, ac stell usa isa abel mason, major one isa, esteves, character from Tv herman jose, silvia, goat feet, Uma, as character, knife demo lam am me,

The reflex on the nose, and the connection with the image of the ceiling of S. Maria Belen, crimes against privacy and constant robber, Cavaco silva and his wife, the lie of the umbrella of state security affairs, constant robber, adulteration of proves and facts, Moreira, daughter of Adriano Moreira, paula teixeira da silva, crimes on brazil, hearings, lines on newspapers covers.

Inquiry and accusation to the criminal Assunçao Esteves, head of parliament, heating’s and criminal consequences like fires all around the country

Prove again an act of torture here in the building

Denver killings, another comment

Accusation against the criminal president Cavaco Silva, x art com image and reflex on DN, also fires
News tsf, Assunçao Esteves

Crimes around my recent arrest, inquiry and criminal accusation, against parliament, PT and EC , government’s, inquiry to Noronha Nascimento, some descriptions of the mounted scene, DGV, Casa da Moeda,

incomplet sinopse

Some more detail explanations on certain facts hereby stated will be approached after