segunda-feira, julho 30, 2012

350 M 28 07 2012 the last crime of state persecution against me

statment on the last crime of state persecution against me, and many others questions on the table and links, wich as proved in the video, is also done by pedro passos coelho, the so call, prime minister, wich is a criminal

this new crime had also pass to DIAP, department of action and criminal reserch, that is where chrged long time ago for active participation in this crime of conspiracy against me and my son, without any anwser until now, wich proves they guilty

this video have a 2:41:09, i write this because i can t see it until this moment, and perhaps they are already re editing as normally the PT terrorist do!!!! 

349 E 30 07 2012 again , a crime complaint against the actual minister of finances

all the story of this continuos crime of state persecution here

todays email send to Lady Angela Markel

Dear Ambassador

Can you please forward to Lady Angela Markel the fallow video link, 348 M 25 07 2012 prove, that make the demonstration of the active participation of Cavaco silva in this crime of conspiracy.

Aside some images that some can consider adult material, that, by the explained reasons are integrated on the video, that perhaps you will enjoy see as many, many truly pornographic crimes are described by his criminal act itself

I’m asking you my lady, if in your country, first, a criminal, like Cavaco Silva, that is one of the ones that had still my child and subject him and me to torture from 2005 among many others constant crimes, can fulfill high state functions

And say to me, my Lady, if in your country, when a citizen is facing a constant crime of this nature and try to present criminal complaints at all the justice institutions that carry function of law, they are deny, because the criminals have criminal state functions

And say to me my Lady, even knowing that this criminal and many others with him, apparently belongs to your political house, how it’s possible that they can have political support from European authorities, and before that, how it’s possible that common justice don’t act in cases like this one, that is a case of robber, abuse and stole of a child and a man

And say to me my Lady, if proved as it is by me, that this criminals where, act in association mode, and also all around and sometimes inside the justice European institutions, how it’s possible in a crime also of continuous attempt of murder, the European justice institutions, don’t intervene.

And say to me my lady, why the criminal accusations, that I try as the right assist me to present at the European criminal court, one year ago, still do not have any answer, as the criminal complaints that I send by register letter to the generals public attorney of Luxemburg, France and Italy, concerning this crimes of international conspiracy in these European territories.

(all the story where )

As European citizen I demand a clear political statement from Europe liders concerning this crimes that still going on from 2005, as I demand the immediate demission of Cavaco silva and criminal charges against him and many others

I send to you my Lady, also the link of the video 349 E 30 07 2012, about the continuous crime of state persecution done in this case by the finances minister, as proved before in my book of life, and also a going on crime against the state of law and the people done at the end of the last year, that is not correct until now, in the umbrella of the FMI agreements.

I also send the video statement, account on the continues crime of persecution against me, veils and “mis en scene” last day 07 07 2012, a crime as proved in the video, done also by the so call prime minister, passos coelho, 342 E 17 07 2012 which silence once more prove his guilty.

With pains in liver and in my teeth’s, still alive, and still waiting for your replays

Paulo forte
30 07 2012