quinta-feira, agosto 16, 2012


Dear Ambassador

Can you please forward to Lady Angela Markel the fallow links on my book of life with this comment and questions, concerning recent crimes.

1-A criminal accusation against the president of the council of Lisbon, for crime against the state of law, and the money of the people, that must also be understood as against the peoples of Europe, in the sense that this crime deals and is in the umbrella of the so call public debt, that is supported for many countries.


And a question, that is a recurrent one, who in Europe grant the rights of complaint and accusation to the citizens that live in highly corrupt country s that do not respect the law.

2- A criminal accusation against all the high institutions of Portuguese state concerning the continuous crime that all they are committing against me and my son, a miner, from 2005.

I have translated to you the text that I send to all them, as you also can confirm, here in these links.

373 E 12 2012 video, criminal charge against all politicians and prove of the conspiracy

To the criminal lady that in an improper mode is in charge of the presidency of the Portuguese parliament.

To the criminals that in an improper way occupy the parliament because by the law they all are solidary with acts and omissions.

To the criminal that in an improper way is in charge of the government.

To the criminal that in an improper way carry the function of justice minister.

To the criminals that in an improper way carry functions of government, because by the law all are solidary with the omissions and acts.

To the criminal that in an improper way is in charge of the supreme court and to all the others at other instances.

To the criminal that in an improper way fulfill the role of public attorney and to all the others with functions on these field

To the criminal that in an improper way fulfill the role of president of the republic.

Tell me and all once forever, if the Portuguese law is not clear concerning the rights that assist the citizens.

Tell me and all once forever, if, stilling, the constant crimes against the good name, the conspiracy, are not according the Portuguese law, crimes!

Tell me and all once forever, if, stilling sons, abuse and torture them, and fathers, are not crimes according the law, and if the penal consequence for these crimes, is not jail!

Tell me and all once forever, if, the continuous attempt of murder, and murders, are not any more crimes, and if the penal consequence for these crimes is not jail!

Tell me and all once forever, if, denying health treatment with a murder purpose is crime, and if the consequence for these crimes, is not jail!

Tell me and all once forever, if when gather together with the aim to commit crimes, the law do not consider them, a bandit association, what by itself is always an aggravation!

Tell me and all once forever, if the ones that act in criminal way, are or not, without any exception until this date, the ones that carry high public functions in the republic, and if this is not by the law, a crime against the state of law!

Tell me and all once forever, if your silence, the continuous silence of all about the crimes that i have been charge you from the time that you all stole my son, is not the prove of your guilty, or if you still have the boldness, and the lack of principles and values to try to sustain in front of someone, your innocence!

Tell me and all once forever, if you are woman’s and mans, if each one of you carry a heart, if you are fathers and sons, and explain how you justify to your selves, your acts, your omissions and your crimes!

The truth, is that you have been act all these years as criminals and had committed diverse and constant crimes against two citizens of this republic, one a miner, and for this facts, you cannot fulfill anymore the functions that by this perverted way pretend to carry, that you have been acting against the law and the state of law, and you all bring by your acts distinct criminal responsibilities

Therefore, I demand, the immediate suspension of any and all kind of immunities that you can have for your functions, and your demission, and the integral prosecution of the justice that is due to me and to my son

I demand, the immediate reposition of my rights and the rights of my son according the law!

And to you all that belong to this republic, to the colds, to the tepids, and to the hot s, to all I inquiry, how can you all accepted to be submit to a perverted regime, where the law, the rights and the liberties, do not exist anymore, and who are you all, that by your silence give strength to criminal and they crimes!

Anyone of you, bring anymore a heart on this land!

If you still in the criminal silence, and the habitual hypocrisy and lies, that Love pay you and yours, in the sum of the pains of the Father, the Son and the Spirit!!!

Paulo forte
13 08 2012

And the same recurrent question to you and all the European authorities in all the levels, parliament and commission include, how you all can give political support to these criminals, and why, there is not a intervention of European justice until this date, on this crime.

3- A second part of the criminal accusation, against Cavaco Silva, his wife and others, concerning one of they last crimes. A video statement, here at this link, only available in Portuguese, where I gave the description of the contextual lines of this recent “heat” that as I explain can be also connected with the Denver last killing, at batman opening.

I demand a full investigation, because this is an act of international terrorism.


And also a recurrent question, for what reasons and hidden interests and command, I did not received any answer until now from Europol and Interpol, and from the general prosecutor of Luxemburg, Italy and France, concerning the crimes complaint that I had present to them, almost a year ago.

4- I ask again official support from the Europeans authorities that allow me to travel inside the European space and have proper health care, that I need, because, here in this highly corrupt and fascist country, they all still deny me, what is undeniable by the laws, and must be consider as a torture crime and a continuous attempt of murder.

With pains on my teethes and some time on liver, still waiting for your replay

With my best compliments

Paulo forte
16 08 2012

374 E 16 08 2012 prove of the envoice of last emails


Ao Noronha do Nascimento, aparente presidente do supremo tribunal

senhor criminoso,
junto envio link de queixa publica contra o senhor e outros,