quinta-feira, agosto 30, 2012

Criminals! I want my rigths and son back

The summer is almost gone, time of beach, for families, fathers and sons, more than one month, in this constant crime against me, my son and many others, and still no answers from any authority.

29 of June, I published here, a criminal complaint against all the Portuguese authorities.

30 of June, I published here a statement on the last crime of state persecution

03 August, a new criminal accusation against the bandit that claim to be the president, his wife and others

13 August, accusation against all the Portuguese’s authorities, prove of conspiracy

18 August, the English translations of this new accusation send to all the authorities , that I have send again to all them and they silence prove they constant guilty.


To the criminal lady that in an improper mode is in charge of the presidency of the Portuguese parliament.

To the criminals that in an improper way occupy the parliament because by the law they all are solidary with acts and omissions.

To the criminal that in an improper way is in charge of the government.

To the criminal that in an improper way carry the function of justice minister.

To the criminals that in an improper way carry functions of government, because by the law all are solidary with the omissions and acts.

To the criminal that in an improper way is in charge of the Supreme Court and to all the others at other instances.

To the criminal that in an improper way fulfill the role of public attorney and to all the others with functions on this field

To the criminal that in an improper way fulfill the role of president of the republic.

Tell me and all once forever, if the Portuguese law is not clear concerning the rights that assist the citizens.

Tell me and all once forever, if, stilling, the constant crimes against the good name, the conspiracy, are not according the Portuguese law, crimes!

Tell me and all once forever, if, stilling sons, abuse and torture them, and fathers, are not crimes according the law, and if the penal consequence for these crimes, is not jail!

Tell me and all once forever, if, the continuo attempt of murder, and murders, are not any more crimes, and if the penal consequence for these crimes is not jail!

Tell me and all once forever, if, denying health treatment with a murder purpose is crime, and if the consequence for these crimes, is not jail!

Tell me and all once forever, if when gather together with the aim to commit crimes, the law do not consider them, a bandit association, what by itself is always an aggravation!

Tell me and all once forever, if the ones that act in criminal way, are or not, without any exception until this date, the ones that carry high public functions in the republic, and if this is not by the law, a crime against the state of law!

Tell me and all once forever, if your silence, the continuous silence of all about the crimes that i have been charge you from the time that you all stole my son, is not the prove of your guilty, or if you still have the boldness, and the lack of principles and values to try to sustain in front of someone, your innocence!

Tell me and all once forever, if you are woman’s and mans, if each one of you carry a heart, if you are fathers and sons, and explain how you justify to your selves, your acts, your omissions and your crimes!

The truth, is that you have been act all these years as criminals and had committed diverse and constant crimes against two citizens of this republic, one a miner, and for this facts, you cannot fulfill anymore the functions that by this perverted way pretend to carry, that you have been acting against the law and the state of law, and you all bring by your acts distinct criminal responsibilities

Therefore, I demand, the immediate suspension of any and all kind of impunities that you can have for your functions, and your demission, and the integral prosecution of the justice that is due to me and to my son

I demand, the immediate reposition of my rights and the rights of my son according the law!

And to you all that belong to this republic, to the colds, to the tepid, and to the hot s, to all I inquiry, how can you all accepted to be submit to a perverted regime, where the law, the rights and the liberties, do not exist anymore, and who are you all, that by your silence give strength to criminal and they crimes!

Anyone of you, bring anymore a heart on this land!

 If you still in the criminal silence, and the habitual hypocrisy and lies, that Love pay you and yours, in the sum of the pains of the Father, the Son and the Spirit!!!

Paulo forte
13 08 2012

381 E 28 08 2012 complementary criminal accusation against portuguese Telecom

 This video, 381 E 28 08 2012, is a complementary criminal accusation concerning the participation of PT telecom, on the killing of three hundred youngsters in India some time ago, as you can see in anterior part already published.

Essentially, this comment, that reemerges recent in the context of the conversation with Ban Kin Moon,  under published, speaks about , again, what I consider an echo after the first part in DN, in this constant terrorist acts they all do during all this years.

Its advice to see the photo published day 21 in DN, to understand this!

382 M 27 08 2012 NY KEYs , Cohen

This video, 382 M 27 08 2012, NY KEYs, Cohen,  where in this analyze reemerge again by the reasons in it explained, what I call, NY Keys, had a synchronistic expression or a synchronized prepared message, the day after i have done it.

There is a large difference between an expression of synchronicity and a synchronized lecture, synchronized by others in purpose to reinforce a certain lecture, as many do in constant way during all this years, by constant spy and control of all my steps, as I proved often by many facts in my Book of Life.

Whoever by the apparent complementary sense, in this major killing, the fall of the towers at NY, I decide to share also with all.

The day after doing the video, at dinner time, I entered in Alcantara a coffee, and the TV, I suppose the four, was on air with dinner news, and the news at that precisely time, was that Isaac, had become a hurricane.

Isaac is a name that indirectly is referred in the line of the video, as a title song of Leonard Cohen that speaks about an old story of sacrifice.

There are also not far away lines, accounted on video, concerning Cohen, and some old marks in my body.

Whoever, this new part of the id concerning NY, speaks at first of Israel, and then a Jewish name, and in the time line of my recent steps, this in my conscience make a certain sense concerning Gulbenkian image, and the image of Nuno Artur Silva as an archetype of a banker Jewish.

In the video, also I share with all, a sculpture there, at Gulbenkian gardens, that in a strange way was missing until know, considering many anterior lectures at that place that can be understood in the video eggs of waters published at this blog, namely the draws in that area of Lisbon

There are also strange reverberations reveal by the sound treatment in the first more or less six minutes, that seems make some senses, but this part only can be understood in Portuguese

This video is in high definition and has 1:32:09 duration time.