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SONAE, crime complaint agains public health of many and myself

Murder Attempt at Pingo Doce, still no awnser on this criminal case against public health

pingo doce is a company of the same group, Sonae

388 E 06 09 2012 multiple criminal complaint

This video, 388 E 06 09 2012, is a statement on a multiple criminal complaint.


I’m not well, they still are denying me the fundamental law assure by all the laws to have proper health care, and as always, they still commit all kind of crimes around my daily steps, trying in his way again, to divert me from the conclusion of the analyzes concerning major world killings like NY and the Tsunamis. Peoples who read me this last years, know that, that is a constant strategies from all the terrorists free in this highly corrupt country, cover by all the authorities.

Summary Complaint and general questions,

Complaint against Worten, Sonae group, concerning two cases, with two different equipment’s, an HP, and a Samsung, with the complaint form at worten Sonae, number: 16261136 ( this number, correspond the complaint filed at the shop)

In this video, I prove three crimes against the Sonae group, from Belmiro de Azevedo, and I remember also a major one, a crime against public health, done at the supermarkets, attempt of murder, without any answer until now from any authorities that are covering all them, as all can understand in the last video statements.

This video also prove crimes around , or done by HP, and Samsung, eventually third parts like posts, and terrorist that have access to classical mail, ( that is deliver at post in homes), and adulteration of software, including the last crimes detected with Microsoft at FNAC, where they had change the office software as I comment in anterior videos.

Here also I remember a political concept concerning consumers protection, that was stole by European politics, some years ago, again, in a perverted way as I comment at the time they had announce one, a justice provider, for 60 million of Europeans, which of course is a joke, if they know the reality of human life, but of course, we citizens cannot expect this, from people that all days commit crime od abuse of power and others against many.

I also comment some details that emerge around these crimes concerning others that whore and are on the table.

The crimes, with hardware, Sonae, and software, FNAC, Microsoft, Symantec, are not what at first glance can be consider crimes against consumers and citizens rights, because they all act together in this international conspiracy against me and my son, for this reason, I ask the court, not only a condemnation by this crimes, but also a compensation of one hundred thousand euros from each one of the accused companies.

Concerning the two pcs, buy at worten, Sonae, I want the conditions that are on the contract, integral fulfill by them.

Also a short comment about microwaves, major problem in all and to all, in the world, and the urgent need of regulation and control!

Structure of the video and this accusation and proves

  1. Second phone call with Worten, after receiving one from the technical services
  2. HP crime , start at 13: 53
2/3- Samsung crime, microwaves and wireless systems, start at 21.25
4/5- Microsoft and Symantec crimes, start at 32
5/6- Microsoft continuation and FNAC crime, start at 43
7- Sum of the worten Sonae crimes, and other eventually connected crimes, finances, optimus, kanguru document, start at 46
8- Samsung is not working well, start at 51,
9- The invoices of the purchases, start at 52
10- Lectures concerning others crimes at Microsoft and HP visits, start 55, horses, X one, proms, London, and Toco, Brazil, dead, and eventually murder at spa
11- To Angela Markel and to all, start 60
12- A memory of Belmiro de Azevedo and the implosion on of the two towers at Troia, and comment on developments about other crimes
Concerning the principal argument that worten, Sonae, had present to not do the exchange of the Samsung, after, apparently authorize it, the missing box.

Other elements

Technical name, that phone me, concerning the HP situation at worten, Andre Henriques,
Name of the one that correspond to the recorded phone conversation, Ricardo Canaveira
The video above mentioned, can be seen at, in the post of the day, 07 09 2012.

The crime complaint against worten and others entities

Day 02 09 2012, I fill a complaint at they shop at Colombo commercial center in the oriental zone of Lisbon, the place of expo 98. The paper of the complaint does not have any kind of them services contacts.

As all know, many individuals and groups attempt constantly against not only my life and the life of my son, but also against my work.

The technical service give me reason to my complaint concerning a Samsun pc, and the solution they propose, was changing the equipment, that was buy few days ago, and, if, the others problems, can be solve, as the technical say to me, it seems a solution.

Then, he asked the manager authorization to do it, and we receive the okay, but they did not do what they had purpose as solution based on fallow argument, that to proceed to the change of equipment, they need the box.

I ask why, and they answer me that the box, (a paper box) had the serial number, and a replay, that even if true, the serial number belong to the equipment and not to the package, and I did not need another box, that they can stay with the new one that correspond to the equipment they change, and if they need to put a reference on the box, was very simple to do it.

I even say to them, that if they won’t I will pay the price of the box, of course they did not accept.

As I explain to the shop manager, what customer buy is an equipment and box or package, and normally all kind of products came today in all kind of package, and of course the box is part of the business, have also a cost, and normally in retail, they came from the one that produces it.

Also in most of the cases concerning products supplies, boxes, are in paper or derivate of paper, and only in special cases concerning the nature of the products and his transportation, it costs, are a very small fraction of the cost and consequently of the price.

It’s against the rights of the consumer and by this reason unacceptable, that the absence of a box is used as argument to not proceed to the change of equipment as they had done, contradicting the rule of possibility of exchange in the first 15 days, norm applicable at least to this kind of products.

Any dealer do not have the right to oblige a customer to keep a certain box concern a certain equipment that is the substance of the commercial trade, even for a certain period of time.

As I asked in the shop, if they also pay part of the costumer house rent, to keep all the packages or box.

Also is against the rights of consumers and the personal security of citizens this policy, because this kind of information that is also in the outside of the box, is privileged owner information, and can be used by third parts even to spy, still information’s and work, and changes on software’s and programs.

The serial number of a product is always in the product and in certain products must be in an interior part that is design to be accessible by the owner, as is the case concerning this equipment’s, where owners can access certain parts, namely to change ram memory and disk, or other parts.

Whoever, it seems by the fallow facts that another crime was done in the other shop of the same retail in Colombo, another commercial center at Lisbon.

The facts are these ones

Concerning the HP computer and worten Sonae.

This same day, 02 09 2012, I also let at the same service, post sell, in the same shop, another pc, an HP, also buy at worten, in April this year, which means, that still is under the guarantee , that recently do not work, I touch the power button and nothing happen.

I show them at the deliverance, the invoice that is the prove of acquisition of the equipment an also contains the serial number reference, and they accepted the equipment.

Day, I received a phone call from Mr. Andre Henriques, from them technical services, saying that they cannot proceed to the repair of the equipment because in they point of view, it was not anymore cover by the assurance.

The reasons evoked, whore that it is missing the Broadcom board and that a seal was broken, and for that reason they cannot know if the serial numbers correspond to the equipment.

The seal they claim to be broken is a self-adhesive paper that is under the battery compartment, outside de pc, and this is a false argument, because inside de main compartment there is the serial number.

In this particular equipment, o HP, the board of wireless communications is accessible, as plug in, to the normal consumer, in the compartment that we can easily access, namely to change the hard drive or the ram memory, and this board as a plug in, that is also a plug out, don’t interfere with the normal work of the pc, and according this fact, is also a lie this evoked argument.

Asked them about what was the problem, he answer that the mother board, did not receive alimentation, which is the abnormal answer, in the sense that says nothing, about the technical problem, and by experience and previous knowledge is a kind of standard mambo jambo, to prepare the customer for the worst, in this case, evoking the brake of the assurance.

As the court can see in the video, there is recorded the conversation concerning the point at this date, with the services of Sonae, and I did not until now receive further answers.

As I stated also in video, some unknowns have illegal enter my house after this buy, one of the motives, I’m almost sure is my new pc, and I suspect they had at least, open it.

The HP computer was buy the day 10 04 2012 and have invoice re: AUFO10/012149, at the worten shop in Vasco da Gama CC.

Concerning HP disk of factory and also the wireless system default settings

As I stated on the video, in the first attempt to make the backup of the full image disk of the system of this equipment, I get notice by the windows during the re installation, that some file was not found or missing, this windows are very quickly and it not possible during the process to freeze them in any way to for instance take a photo.

I also notice that the wireless system star working, its conform by the operative leds, during the restore operation, which means that someone can at that moment to enter already the pc and start change settings, and indeed, all the networks around whore automatically detected.

Then I phone HP, trying to obtain the original disks from them and my request to obtain them in hand, at a balcony of the company or one official subsidiary. They start say that was impossible, that they do not have public balconies, that the only way to solve it, was command them through internet, at serve2, a subsidiary company and that they will have a cost of 40 euros.

I replay to them that first this solution that they whore purposing did not assure me concerning the fidelity of the disks, and a explain this to them in detail, with examples, adulteration and deviations of disks and other correspondence also during posts transportations, and also because I was not connected in network, and in second concerning the additional costs, that seems to me a crime of bad faith in the sense that HP inside instructions, that refer this possibility to obtain the original disks, don’t mention any cost.

Them I was in presence at the HP headquarters, they whore apparently very surprise, I insist and rich to be attend by Lady Dina Conceição, that take the subject, after there was a phone call, with Bruno L. and they answer to me that they will send the disks, I ask him, the details, the seals concerning the transportation process, and as showed on video, that not correspond to what he had say, in sum, I’m not sure also, that the disks that I have received correspond to originals ones.

Concerning the Samsung computer and worten Sonae

This computer was buy day, of 29 08 2012 with the ref: in the invoice, TV ABX302/017666 , in one of them shops, where I buy also at the same time, a Symantec Norton antivirus, 2012 edition.

At home, a similar problem occur as before with the HP, when doing at starter, at the backup of the so call, disk image from factory, that allow a user to restore the original complete installation of the software o the factory original characteristics.

This operation normally is done, recording a few DVDs which are used for this purpose. This is a solution, that the manufactures provide thought software preinstalled on the pc, and is an away, to don’t supply the original disks of installation.

In this crimes examples, the policy of the two manufactures seems be different, Samsung provide only one disk that apparently allow only the windows restore, HP says in the internal manual, that a costumer can ask the disks, all, to them, but also at this step, a find a crime of bad faith.

Court must understand, that the others solutions that todays I suppose all provide at the level of integral software preservation, namely a part on the disk that can be reserved for a copy of security, is not a high safety solution in the sense that virus and other criminal acts can also affect this copy’s on the internal disk which normally is the same disk.

By other way, both computers, as many todays, came with integrated or internal plug in, boards of wireless communications, same with Bluetooth capacity also, and when the computer is started, normally this systems start work by default.

If the HP even allow that the user, take off this board, normally, there are option by software that allow the user to decide, after running, if they are on or off, the question arise, or can arise, in the first use, before the user have this choice, for from the first moment the pc is running, someone can immediately go inside by this networks, and start change settings and even software, and as I stated in video, I suppose that happened in this crime, concerning the HP, that immediately recognize a lot of networks, some of them, pre-paid systems that came as integrated software.

Court must issue a recommendation with form of law that oblige the manufactures of this kind of equipment to the compromise that the use of this wireless systems, cannot be activated in any way, by default, because the citizen consumer has the power to decide who he wont to work with a equipment that is own.

Court must also issue a recommendation with for of law that obliges the manufactures, that this board came as plug in, accessible to the users to take them off, if wanted.

In the Samsung crime, as showed in the video, the software that does this, is tricky, and each time that the computer start, the user must do the same operation, perhaps in this case this is a mal function of software, and that was one of the arguments that I evoke at the shop to change it, and the technic give me reason as I also describe in the video.

However responsibility concerning this matters, is also, part in the hands of the ones that sell, in the sense that todays, manufactures normally do not have stores, and for this reason, they are as sellers, co responsible in front of the consumer, that the equipment work well, and assure that privacy and personal data, is protected, because these crimes are also crimes at these important fields.

I ask worten also to deliver me the installation disks, and they simple answer me that they suppose that was not the policy of Samsung, and this is unacceptable.

Concerning the HP, when I discover in the short manual they bring, that the disks can be demand to HP, I try to do it and I phone them, and the answer was that the disk can be obtained thought only by a command on line, thought a subsidiary company and that they have a cost, that the manual did not mentioned, and this is also bad faith.

I replay to them, that I want to have an assurance that the disks are original disks from the manufacture, and explain to them why this solution cannot be accepted, because overall, do not give me assurance enough, and I suspect also that the disks that after I received through the posts via HP direct command, can be also be adulterated.

Court must clear understand that this question is not a miner question to the consumer, buyer and user, which also means, the clear and smooth possibility to the buyer to have the installation disks if request concerning all the software that is supply.

Basically computers are made of two main parts, the hardware and the software, and cannot work, only with 
one part, then the assurance about the security and preservation, or ability to restore the originals settings is a capital question.

Court must also issue a recommendation with for of law that obliges the manufactures a clear definition of the policies concerning these questions of software, in the sense of keep guarding the consumer or user.
These are reason enough to condemn worten in this case, to oblige them the change of the Samsung if a new one solve the question above enumerated or exchange for another similar in cost equipment and to repair under the assurance the HP, and also the payment of compensation.

Concerning the crime with the buy software from Symantec,

Concerning the crime with the buy software from Symantec, the Norton antivirus, which is also, in the beginning, a crime of bad faith, as the court can understand by the statement on the video.

The box of this antivirus say that is a license to use certain software that is supply inside in a disk, for a period of one year and as the court can see in the video, after the installation, the software start commit two crimes, first try to access an internet connection, without demanding to the user, and this is unacceptable, and in second say that to work, the user must validate the software in the next 30 days, them is false the statement concerning the product, and is functionality, and this is reason enough to condemn them.

Even knowing that many are interested and even admitting the possibility that one of the reason behind concerning all these crimes, is to oblige me to write legal advice on these matters, that after they pay normally in continuous still of intellectual propriety, in many different fields, and even continuous attempts of murder, I cannot by reasons of conscience and security of all beings and the planet itself, to once more, alert the authorities for this major question, concerning the use of certain frequencies, wireless, transmitted, that in a word, are cooking us all, and perhaps are even accountable by many large killings like the fall of the towers in NY, advising that authorities carry a full inquiry on these questions, as I comment again recent in others videos published at

Concerning the crime on software from Microsoft and FNAC

Strange that this may seems at first glance, I had present complaints against this two companies in the past, by robbers of what law consider intellectual propriety and creation, concerning Microsoft namely about two major todays common software that many use around the world, that they call, power point and project and FNAC, was before a concept of new shop of what we can consider cultural products, that was design by me, and as all know they became from the beginning a large case of business success, and of course, in this crime of international conspiracy against me and my son, I still do not have any answer from any authority.

I’m stressing this now, to remember the Courts, that are heavy motives and criminal reasons and motivations that came from long time ago.

The facts concerning these crimes are written and publish in open mode, at my book of life,, that by the Portuguese law, is reason enough to proceed to a criminal research.

After buying the HP, I was at FNAC, in Chiado, Lisbon to buy a Microsoft software, the office, and as I explained before in recent video statements, I have reasons to suspect that this software they sell to me, is not the original, or, as been changed after in one of the illegal enter in my home, or, even, this illegal enter on my house, with a pass with dope that put me to sleep for almost four days, also as serve to erase the evidences after, of this crime, in the sense that I have denounced it in my public space of communication.

This is a recurrent crime, during all this years as I prove often in the pass, show a very sophisticated operation process, because the software disks are at naked eye similar to the originals and this is also cover by all the corrupt authorities in this country in the fascists hands.

The existence of this means, can also point other kind of software crimes namely illegal reproduction and selling, in large scale, as I explain more than once also in video statements.

After buying this office, I was day 22 08 2012, at Microsoft headquarters in Lisbon and I was attend by lady, Patricia Henriques, that did not solve me the two problems that I had present to her.

The first one was a demand of “ technical check “ on the disks, she answer to me that the only way they have to do it, was to install it on a pc and by the process of validation, that on line, as a normal user, the web site as an automatic process to check it.

This do not solve the problem, because I’m not connected in a network and I do not know in detail if this automatic mechanisms that she claim be the same to any user, indeed can detected this kind of alterations. I also stress to her that I suspect the same concerning my original disks of windows seven installation.

The second question was concerning some apparent missing functionalities that this software claim to have and perform, namely on translation, because, first, this office version seem to be version adapted to Portuguese, but do not bring packages of languages like the more commons that we use, English and French, the first that appear is Arabian, which seems a little very strange already, and second did not work.

She gave to me an explanation that I’m not sure that is true, I the sense that this is the unique copy that I have, and say that I must buy languages packages, and here is the third crime concerning this software, because as she confirm to me by sms next day, this packages can be only buy on line, and the same say to me FNAC when I was there again asking the same.

In sum, there are three crimes concerning the acquisition of this software. The first one directed done against me, by a bandit association, they know very well that I need translation software, to present my complaints at European level, done with and trough FNAC.

And other two concerning Microsoft software, if true, what she answers me.

The first one is that when a consumer buys certain software, that claims to do a certain function, is expectable that does it.

The second one is concerning the impossibility of buying this software in the represent of any other dealer; because no one can be oblige to buy on line. Where, again a crime of mis information and consequently, a crime of bad faith and abuse of power from the manufacture.
Court must rule, in the sense that many of crimes of bad faith and abuse of power, that exits today, be correct soon as possible, because this create in sum great damages to citizens privacy and personal data information’s.

As a client that had buy this product, if true that I need to buy some others components to work as they initial say it work, I demand to buy it, on an original cd on a shop, and this not contradict or annul the possibility of further compensatory demands, by damages due the absence of what was expectable as service.

When a man that is defend his own life and the life of his son, and is subject in continuity to attempt of murder, these questions are not miners.

Others crimes of the Sonae group that are also mentioned in this video statement

Emission of false fiscal documents, concerning an internet contract done with an enterprise of the group, in this case, Optimus among others crimes narrated at the time, of spying, control and robber of intellectual propriety.

Active participation on this conspiracy against me and my son

Others crimes

Some details on lectures concerning other crimes of distinct nature that are on analyze, that can be understood on the video masters statements. I sum a detail, that seems make sense at HP, the question of the three “horses”, can belong to the group of one psy involved in this conspiracy, Ana Paula

Demand of compensation

As a citizen consumer, I ask one hundred thousand euros compensation from each one of the responsible of these criminals’ acts.
From FNAC, From Worten Sonae, From Microsoft, From Samsung, and from Symantec.

Paulo forte 

a copy of this letter will be send today by post to worten

387 E 06 2012 prove of the email envoy until this date, to angela markel

this by memory must be the fifhten only in this last series of email,  without any anwser!