quinta-feira, setembro 13, 2012

prove of the envoy SOS demand to ONU committee of Torture and European justice provider

390 E 12 09 2012 video

the terrorist are attacking not allowing me to make the video up load again, only at the third attempt

This video is the prove of the envoy of a demand of SOS to the ONU torture committee and to the European justice provider,

to whom I also had send this day, 10 09 2012, the criminal complaint against Worten, Sonae, FNAC, Samsung, Microsoft, HP, Symantec, and others, where is also included, the main question for humankind, about the use of microwaves in communications systems all around the world.

Also this day I send a new crime complain to the president of the supreme court of Portugal and to PGR, the public general attorney, asking them, why crimes as described in the update point 58 of my public space, seamatter.blosgpot.pt, are not research for all this years.

The prove of today, 10 09, of an on line crime, when I tried to up load videos to you tube
As many know, my correspondences are constant divert, for this criminal fact, I ask if someone can forward this link and the demand of SOS, published just before to both mentioned entities

Many thanks
Paulo forte 13 09 2012