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392 E 12 09 2012 Video

The account on my first phone call to Germany embassy and what it show

This video is the account on the first phone call to German embassy at Lisbon, trying to understand why my last 15 emails do not have any answer or even confirmation on arrival until now.

Once again, as in all my communications all this years, a crime seems been done, as the conversation explain and prove by itself!

As I comment on the video of this phone call, a detail with the lady that seems be the secretary of the German ambassador, seems prove that they had lie.

If a court research confirms this, then I must also ask, by what reasons and motives

Still waiting for further developments from the embassy, if one, or the prove that also this embassy is infiltrated by the terrorists in this conspiracy as the same happened at great Britain embassy, as all can remember here, and i also still do not have any answer after all this time.

Or the Italian embassy, or the Belgian one, or the French or Luxembourg.

See the links and the story, and then, ask yourselves, considering this contacts whore made in the context of killings, why no one had once answer and what can be the motives.

The killing at love parade Berlin

I stress to the court that the first email of this series of emails recent send to German embassy is demanding what after more than a year I still do not have any replay concerning the analyze that I send to them , as link, about the killing at love parade in berlin.

The content of this by itself, seems point, what can be the reasons behind this apparently crime of communications deviation, and if true, show, that one of the possibilities is, or the embassy is covering the ones responsible for this killing, or the infiltrated terrorists

As I wrote and published at time in my open space of communication, at, I conclude by the facts that whore present, that again these killings, whore prepared in the neighborhood and this point the same constant terrorist of cavaco Silva

I remember to see in the Portuguese TV the German man in charge the love parade announce with a mix of sadness and hungriness the end of this festival, that as many now, had become an image of mark in berlin and can we say, a symbol, of sexual expression and freedom, by this nature of the event itself it is not difficult to understand that the ones that whore in the command of this killing probably have order it, by this same reasons, but people that fight ideas in this way, are first of all murders.

All the continuous absence of any answers at the embassy’s here in Portugal, concerning all these crimes, give height to some equations that I wrote long time ago in book of life.

Main facts concerning embassies and some criminal cases, at least one connected with Germany

In syntheses by memory, I suppose I can condense then to three of four main facts or apparent facts

That seems there is a concerted action, better saying non acting from the embassy of foreigner country’s here in Portugal at least from some of them.

That one of the deducted motives for this, is collective, illegal and criminal profit of my intellectual production in many levels, as I recent had again remember to all, concerning the example of German and Lady Chancellor Angela Markel

Some news or rumors going around for many years with the fact or apparent fact, that exists a network or networks that provide Childs and miner to peoples connected with embassies and also traffic them outside the country, and some real facts concerning some specific cases, like Casa Pia, that point it, and other crimes in the general context of continuous child’s abuse that is going on in Portugal for decades.

With Germany, even understanding that this case can be in part at least a veil, in the metaphor sense of the meaning of submarines, like infiltrates and spy, a corruption case concerning the buy of submarines that by what came public at that moment lead some in Germany to courts and conviction, as the contrary where in Portugal where the minister of defense at time, Paulo Portas from CDS, is again minister in this criminal government.

Others questions that I had comment with a certain detail, about the boundaries of presence and action of diplomatic bodies, that if criminal acts as some had say in the past, are also authorized and cover by high state Portuguese authorities, and consequently made of them accomplishes in the eventual crimes against the law and the state of law.

Other facts that emerge in this moment

There are also some facts , that I also had gave detailed accounted on book of life that now during this writing of this accusation, come to my memory, and by this reason will be here included

A German man that cross my steps nearby at the corner of street of costa by night, asking help to eat and stay, with a lot of cocaine that he say that he wont to offer me and them after eat same sandwiches that I paid him at the coffee of Mr. joao down the street, when I as phoning institutions that can offer him a bed, he strange disappeared, this seems in sum a trap command by someone.

A diplomatic car, that I do not know if is from Germany that had cross me walking near mna, when at the end of the day I was returning home, and in the front seat , was a boy very quiet like he was stressful, that in that small moment seems my son.

As all that read me for a while, I have proven the immense perversity at many levels of the ones that are behind this crime of conspiracy against me and my son, and as I also had demonstrate many times in the past, many times, they prepare scenes that have as fundamental goal, worry a father, as normal a father that do not see his son for so many years, will felt in these kind of situations

Yesterday, 12 of august at the end of the day in Alcantara, near the mupi, I was looking the head line if a recent pub o postcard from Mercedes that have at least a double meaning, the sentence says, the best or nothing, and at that moment a car of embassy, which I do not also if was from the German one, with two man in front like body guards whore passing, the sum was a kind of “perfume” and confirmation of a kind of blackmail and I had phone the embassy this same day.

The third one is the fallow extract of a fact at the end of the family when the bandit mother, Teresa had return from Frankfurt apparently in service of the office of foreigner commerce of Portugal, ICEP. The extract speaks by itself and I also stress to authorities if one, that was after some time, more than a year a fire in a hotel, that at that moment in my comment I suppose connected with this, and this symbolical figure of a certain German, darth Vader, as many correlations I establish by analyze concerning disgraces and the so call tour of the marca Portugal, a campaign of icep where Teresa was implied.

When I say that this image speaks by itself, I’m saying that this real fact says to me, that a kind of global mirrors, perhaps a network operation, was to be mounted concerning a certain darth Vader or someone that others had convinced many that was a kind of darth Vader, then if true this last possibility, speaks also of a bandit association that was gather, and the time of happening sums the rest, the stole of my child.

Fact with Teresa after coming from Frankfurt at the moment of family breaking and the start of the crime to still and abuse my child and me

Published in august 2006, and concerning the time just before the breaking of my family.

O outro episódio fora logo depois à separação e vou Senhora a meu diário e aqui lhe deixo este extracto, poucos dias depois do seu acontecer, tratava-a ainda a intimidade do amor por tu.

..Chegaste da Alemanha. Trazias contigo uma construção de lego para o nosso Filho. Um trono de uma figura negra, um mau da fita. Nada podia ser mais simbólico, pensava eu para os meus botões enquanto na mesa, com o nosso Filho ao meu colo e tu a meu lado, o montávamos a três, os três que somos nós, a família que fizemos. Eu pensava e não pensava, pois as tuas mãos roçavam por vezes ao de leve as minhas no transportar das peças, no seu encaixar e aquilo encaixava-me uma outra linguagem, secreta, que os corpos exprimem, a da proximidade e a do desejo. Um desejo que voava, subia em lentas espirais, um próximo que me afectava o coração, pois há muito muito tempo que retiraste teu corpo de cena, que quase não nos tocamos. Era doce ver o amor falar pelos corpos e era amargo, pois não concretizado, por pressentir que embora o parecesse ser, se calhar para ti não o era mais.

Quando estava concluído, o filho perguntou e agora. Rápida e brilhante como Tu és, soltou-se o improviso. 

Seria improviso, pergunto-me agora? Pegaste num copo e colocas-te a tenebrosa personagem por ele cercado e então disseste, como ele é mau, vamos por um espelho mágico à sua volta que lhe vai devolver a imagem da sua maldade e assim ele aprenderá a ser melhor. Tudo isto de um modo rápido de gestos e de fala, tão rápido, que me pareceu, que de alguma forma já o trazias numa gaveta do teu pensamento, que abre depressa demais e assim indica que o pensado já lá estaria

Depois nosso Filho falou e disse quão bom era assim estarmos. Pai e Mãe e Ele juntos, era assim que sempre gostaria que fosse, e de repente subiu-me à memória frases tuas em tempo de confronto, quando dias antes te tinha dito que queria ficar com ele durante a tua viagem e tu não mo querias deixar com ele, dizendo que o deixarias em casa dos teus pais.

Feira de Frankfurt, onde esteve presente uma larga comitiva à volta da presença do icep, como de costume, nalgumas vezes, toda uma corte que se desloca para beberetes e actos sociais, compras, romances mais ou menos secretos e coisas afins, tão pouco o tempo real para os negócios, tão curtas nas vezes o que se define como horizonte de que nascem as pobres rotas e Portugal tanto delas grandes e inteligentes precisa!

End of the extract.

Summing all this at this moment,

Summing all this at this moment,

The answer of the lady that was present as the ambassador secretary Susana Diecker, indicate that she know me, that they whore expecting a call from me and the answer was prepared, which mean that, or they had already know that the email was diverted, or they lie.

As all know, the matters of this last sequence of emails are essential crimes of different nature, same of them connected with murder and even collective murders, and of course by this reason this subject must be target of full criminal research.

Once again, as concerning other embassy’s, some of them contact before for the same min reasons, crimes, a some pattern behavior had occur, and in the Germany embassy case, again the same situation appear, facts that prove the fragility, easy possibility of or even real infiltration and infiltration namely at control of communications.

These are also motifs enough to conduct a criminal procedure.

This is what I immediate request to all European authorities.

To you my lady chancellor Angela Markel and all the European politicians, these are some of the reasons that prove behind the eyes and heart of all, the inexistence of a Europe, and what is conducting to the so call psychological desegregation as recent again believing in newspaper, seems many of you with a very large delay retake my words more than an year, when I started write to you all, asking the justice that is due to me and my son

Europe must take off all the political support to the governments that acts like criminals, otherwise you all became co responsible of the crimes they constant do against the people, individuals and even miners and children’s

Or communitarian structures are reality communitarian and justice prevail to all in all the communitarian European spaces, an act according and based on this fundamental pillar of life or desegregation in inevitable

Paulo forte
13 09 2012


391 12 09 2012 Video

This video will be send away to the criminal that claim to be the President of the Supreme Court, to the criminal

To the criminal that claim to be prime minister of this country in the hand of fascists and murders

To the criminal that claim to be the president of the parliament in the hand of fascists, child’s molesters and murders

To the criminal that claim to be the public general attorney

To the criminal that claim to be the president of this country

In this video recorded in the morning, once again a charge the Portuguese authorities to continuing trying to murder me, denying me the right to have proper health care, to not answer me to my complaints, concerning this crime against my son and me, and I ask once more the criminal Pedro Passos Coelho, the one that claim to be prime minister, a replay on his proven participation in this conspiracy, the story about a certain first mark, as he say by his own words in radio when he was visiting the city of Borba in alentejo.

In this video also a comment on an echo, veil, or encenation on Y newspaper concerning the question of the towers in NY approached in m video 382 E and not 383 as a mentioned in the comment

With the fallowing same text

Como é seu criminoso, vai continuar a assobiar para o lado ou preenche as funções que leva de acordo com a lei, provando a todos no mundo que na verdade sois criminosos sem remissão, exijo o cumprimento da lei que me é devida a mim e a meu filho

Continuo a exigir a vossa imediata função!
Paulo forte
14 09 2012


Crime complaint: attempt of murder, torture and slavery.

In this last month of august a new attempt of murder was done against me here at the building and is connected with this apparent military that lives here.

During perhaps one week at least his house was close, I suppose they had leave for holidays and a an afternoon, when I was going out of the building there was man, very short hair, more or less my size, with a more strong body that was putting the trash and look at me with in a way that a realize that he knows me.

In this day in the evening I saw in at the varanda of the military man, mna, this major that is also involved in this constant crimes against me.

That night I was sleeping at my office room, and still sleeping I start listing continuous sounds, that at first I did not realize they whore on the dream or outside and real. I take some moments to wake up, the sound stop, but I had physical pain on my chest, heart, and the man had leaved the building after that day. After same days the military had return.

Recent I hear by the spirit someone saying a short sentence, this seems a faraday cage and the sense that I give to this hearing was, my office, especially now after putting the sheets of paper on the walls.

As many perhaps have already notice, during some video recordings in the office, is audible similar sounds, like, plocs, that came through the walls. This happen for many years and some nights are many others less, some time I can establish a relation with cars descending this street, like a kind of shooting game.

This sound, in this particular night, almost morning, as like a Geiger counter sound, in radioactive presence, and mu felling at wakeup was that if I had some more years of age, probably I will have die, which mean that this seem be a way to do discrete killings

Has a I have gave the account in book of life the military that live on the building, it seems have as field, communications, and by extension, I deducted, knowledge on electricity and magnetism pass, and some facts that I also gave the account in the time of happening reinforce this lecture.

There is one in particular that had confirm me at that point, that first he is a liar and also the pass with magnets, the day that after one pass in this kind, a find his daughter coming out of the house, with a sport bag that I felt transport a kind of magnetic machine, and he say to me after that she transport a computer, which is a liar, because I saw the volume and rigidity of the bag and I’m sure that was not a computer.
Many other facts, shows me clear that is at least, he bring knowledge of many that constant enter my house all this years, and by consequence is covering them if not also actively participating.

Many other facts and complaints on this field, and the continuous absence of any answer from any authorities, also reinforce this, namely the complaints published at my child blog concerning the company that runs the building administration, and more recent lines with neighbors in May when I was almost killing by this infection that they had put on me and that again in recent time again, they had infect me.

And also the constant works as covers namely of acts of constant pressure which is also a crime of psychological torture.

And the constant illegal entering in my house, in daily basis during all this years, to spy, robber and prepare criminal arts

This last time when they put me to sleep during three of four fallow days, as I gave the account, with some substance that by a commentary reading had point the military’s from the military hospital in the street to Estrela, where also at the japan earth sake and tsunami in march last year, I described very strange physical felling that I felt in front of the hospital and establish the connections that I share with all at time.

In this last attempt against my life, I detected that one of the reasons, was my new pc at that moment and I suppose they have “arrange” it and in sum, this seems point also military interests, as the prove that I have discover an published at my blog, inside crimes, the video where I show a technical installation inside the NEC monitor, say that this are done by experts, and by this sum, reinforces the possibility of the secret services being behind, and or military’s services.

This points also by sum, reinforce also by the last cavaco Silva attack, already published at my blog, the same group, his group, the major terrorists of state that are trying to protect him at all cost.

Many if not all the peoples that live in this building are lying for years as a prove often in the past, this mean two possibilities, or each one of them represent an external bandit association, or all have been obliged to at least cover all this crimes, because no one , many times questioned, never know nothing about the constant strange events that take here in the building place.

In the third paragraph of this text, appears as partial id of the military man, the connection with, mna, where there are many lectures around, dead babies and other major disgraces in the world.

There are no state of exception concerning law where in Portugal, for this reason the existent law is the law and must prevail and at is light, this are crimes and must be prosecuted by the authorities.

This is what I request for all the authorities!

Paulo forte
12 09 2012