sexta-feira, setembro 21, 2012

397 E 20 09 2012 first phone call to ONU and European justice provider

397 E 20 09 2012

These videos are the account on my first phone call to the Committee against Torture of ONU at Genève and to European justice provider, after sending to them at the end of last week, a SOS email, concerning my health problems due by this continuous attempt of murder in this country where I’m living in the hands of Nazis, that still denying me the fundamental right to have access to proper health care, which also is a clear prove that they all are gather to kill me.

As all can see by yourselves, in the part that correspond to ONU, it seems that again the state terrorists have diverted the call, and made a scene as I was calling this office, by this reason, here again I ask all, if some can forward this SOS to Genève.

The part that correspond to the call with the lady that apparently had in charge my complaint, if true, seems also, or a mounted scene, or worst, again a confession that all the European authorities still activity participating and covering this crime, because a demand of help at this level, concerning a question of life and dead of a European citizen, cannot be deal within this time periods, and I remember again, that I send a first SOS to all the head of the political family’s at the European parliament, more than one year ago. This is the same crime and constant prove as image of what is happen here at Portugal during all these years

396 E 20 09 2012

396 E 20 09 2012

Continuing my accusation against all these fascists and corrupts here in Portugal and wo rld wide.

As all can check, especially in this last videos, again they had change the content trough a wireless network, during my edit, I had to encode the movie three times, this aim to give them, after stilling the originals to star re edit them cutting the word more important, and then after that I up load my original they change it and also obtain in this more time to prepare the veils and illusion at all the levels,

This is visible by the repetition three times of a shoot at the end of this mater. As all now, I do not repeat shots