sábado, outubro 13, 2012

new criminal accusation against the fascist authorities that are covering international acts of terror

To the general attorney prosecutor

Send by email today, 13 10 2012

This will be again a prove in front of all in the world that the Portuguese authorities are actively participating and covering all these crimes, because they are protecting the ones that have done it.

How as always in all this years, the authorities did not research all the facts and evidences that I had accounted on my book of life, how is the reason other, behind the cover, concerning the facts related to the tsunami 2005.

How all the facts that again I had again published in my blog, documents of support,  http://113cc.blogspot.pt,  in this day 11 of October 2012, concerning the first connections with london bombs summing to all other facts and details analized on my book fo Life, ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt, whore not reserch by the competent authorities,  and what this say to all in the world, other that all the portuguese authorities are curved and protecting the ones involved in world acts of terror, namely in london! 

As always I demand answers from all the corrupted and Nazis authorities in this country.

I want my son back and all ours rights that are granted for the law!

I want the answers concerning all the crimes that I send to you in the lasts months, including the accusation of homicide for negligence against many of the Portuguese state figures.