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The id key of the tsunami 2005

The id key of the tsunami 2005

The text recent republished at my child blog documents of support, with the name, diary of events in the beginning of the 2005 year fallow the tsunami and the break of the family and the beginning of the process of stole of my son clear shows by the facts that one is related with another as I stated always.

The two first, are the phone calls that I received, where Teresa indirectly show that a lie was mounted, that I pretend at time to run with my son. This was very astonished for me, because that idea was never in my mind.

The existence of this lie that the group that is behind the stolen of my child had mounted at time, immediately after the tsunami, sum with the word that I listen from my father, that I assume was also convinced by them, and also under hypnosis, by the psy involved, shows that at that moment, this was a cover for another subject and accusation, and of course, the accusation, was that I had created the tsunami.

Why I say that my father was under influence of some psy or other at time.

Because among this years all the times, that this particular conversation had arrived, my father always say to me that I did not tell me such thing, this confirm to me, that he was in remote at that time, and after the ones that had inducted him, probably also had erase this memory in him, and all this together leads to the second fallow question, whom?

The solution came to my conscience after re published this two texts at my blog documents support, and it came by the memory of the place where I go out of the his car during the conversation, immediately after he told to me that, he will put my on jail.

It was already the end of day, I received a phone call from my father, saying that he want to speak with me, I was at the center of the city, and we arrange to meet there, he came by car, pick me up in rossio or restauradores, and he start drive mounting av da liberdade. There was the normal queues of cars at that hours, he say that sentence more or less in the middle of av liberdade, the signal was closed for cars, and a go out at that moment.

This place, is more or less the place where some years after, a car accident was occurred, as I gave the detailed analyze on my book of life,, and this accident was between two secret police cars, an excess of speed without reason, a flight, and a crash against a mupi, and the one that was in front of the sis, or equivalent, at time, almost was dead. Other elements by memory of this crash, a party at the council of Lisbon, the terrorist of state and criminal Jaime Gama ex parliamentary president, and high member of the socialist party, that as the court know is deeply involved on this crime of conspiracy against me my son and many others.

The sum of this two mains facts, the lie, that show a cover, and the meaning of the sum of the other two, a menace of jail and the crash of secret police, say in sum, that they had provoked the tsunami, that they had use it to still my son, and to try to put me on jail.

This is reinforce with another fact, that I already stress a few times to the court, the speech in television of José Socrates in the time that this criminal was prime minister, when he had nominated a chief of the secret police, presenting him and hos functions as , terrorism and cataclysm prevention.

This also in sum, point as I always stated the involvement of the high figures of state from the socialist party in this genocide act, and of course also the secret agreement they had done with all the others so call political forces.

Paulo forte
14 10 2012