segunda-feira, novembro 05, 2012

criminal accusation against PT state and all the authorities

This new summing about the constant crime due by all the ones that pretend to be authorities here in Portugal, at all main level in state functions, shows again behind any reasonable doubt that they all are behavior as criminals, and according the Portuguese law and the crimes they constant committed, they place, first in in front at court and then, by the crimes itself, in jail.

Of course, when are the ones that claim to represent the state of law, criminals, citizens cannot expect the fulfillment of the law, and this is what in reality is happening in this highly corrupt country in the hand of outlaws, bandits, murders, child’s robbers and molesters and Nazis.

This sum, resultant from what was possibly to gather from the register of my steps, as you all know, many of my communications, register, archives, are always erased, diverted and adulterated, from the period of time, between, 2 11 2011 to 17 10 2012, almost a year, almost the last year in this time line of this constant crime of international conspiracy against me, my son, and many others.

This period of time correspond more or less to the time, that we all are here subject to the constant crimes of state after the last change in power, from the socialist party to the social democratic one, and the difference as all you can see and judge, is none, and prove also, as I have proved on the past behind any reasonable doubt, by the power of the criminal constant acts and they sum, that all the political forces, bring a regime criminal agreement concerning this crime against me, my son and many.

This sum with 77 points, correspond, and give the account in this period, of many distinct crimes, and many actions of complaints that I have presented at the rights places according the law, and as in the past, none, have been answer from no one, which is again, a clear and definitive prove of they guilty.

Register letters with reception invoices, and many emails, that are visible in the links hereby, whore again sent to all the authorities of this perverted and corrupted country and again as in the past years from 2005, any answers, unless new and constant crimes at each step, and diagonal apparent answers thought all the medias as also constant during all these years, which is also a constant crime, and shows the highly perversion, of this criminals.

The state persecution against me, my son and many others, in this time period, still the same, is done even by the representatives of the state as in the years, and others, before, and include a constant collective attempt of murder me, and a constant attempt to frame me by all the criminal ways that they can imagine.

These peoples, prove all the days, that they are less than dogs, and a lawful citizen subject in continuity to these crimes, that is fighting for is son and life, only can state what I state for many years, without the returning of the law to Portugal, the situation will became for many, more and more worst.
Many of this crimes and complaint, also by the nature, that some of them, are crimes of international acts of terror, whore also sent to European authorities and European politics, and in the same constant way, also during all these years, no straight and by law answers from no one, until now.

If someone that read this document, can forward it in my behalf to the knowledge of international bodies of justice and world public opinion, I will appreciate.

Paulo forte

05 11 2012

This sum, start with a criminal complaint against the criminal that claim to be the actual prime minister, Pedro Passos Coelho, and is comment about one of the criminal constant technics they use, the constant production of all kind of veils to aim public opinion knowledge, perception of reality and consequently, manipulation, the words traps.

As all can understand, this point was no date until this moment, this data was erased from my archives, 
probably also on line, and I’m asking myself, why the terrorist had so much trouble concerning in particular this one, and the answer is clear, this is perhaps in this time line, the first prove of the immense and criminal veil and criminals acts they had mounted in public opinion, about false public debts, that cover other kind of payments as I often and in detail had also o all explained.


Telecoms condemn at the European court, for criminal practices of “dog in”

Telecoms condemn at the European court, for criminal practices of “dog in”

If true, recent news at the European justice provider site, give the account that the European court as condemn, the telecoms, for what they had define, as” dog in”, which mean, crimes against the privacy of peoples and basic human rights, that many time are used as proved in the past, to make other big crimes, including death of many.

As I have explained to all in the past, this sentence, if true, seems give me reason, in the principle of the existence and nature of this crime, whoever as I just remember, is only a first step, need of course to be quickly transposed to Portuguese law and more than this, do not annul or erase the need, by the criminal actions they are committing all these years, the account of the criminal responsibilities