segunda-feira, novembro 12, 2012

429 M 12 11 2012 dismantling your illusions and some criminal charges

430 E 12 11 2012 Rotten tomato s or the imposssibility of europe

To the sweet criminal European liders and in particular to Angela Markel

Rotten tomato’s or rats circle OT uber ass first one se from ten, ps, ts.

Did you speak recently about a police that deal with internet crimes, better saying, crimes that are prepared by internet or this was again a scene, perhaps of my imagination.

My lady, you stay very well in 3 D glasses, as I saw you here in newspaper, but what I want to know, is your answer concerning one of the last discover with two killings in your country, did you know it before, or not?

The equation of your failure or the impossibility of the future

90 cents, correspond in old Portuguese coin to 180 escudos.

Say the voice of the lady, with 180 escudos, I bring at time, vegetables for all the week and I manage to buy my house and make face to all my financial compromises.

Todays, 180 escudos, 90 cents, only pay a coffee with milk

Many thanks and Goodbye Europe!

It’s what happens when you endorse, and protect criminals, but what people can expect for behavior between “colleagues”.

I suppose none of you will have the slightest doubt, that Portugal is not in Europe, as I recent remember to 
you all, the agreement signed was a criminal act, therefore, also, all the agreements after that date, what no legal value.

Lisbon 12 11 2012
Paulo forte

431 E 12 11 2012 porve of the envoy complaints, 1 to 8 to European Justice Provider