quarta-feira, novembro 14, 2012


(and not 412 as in the head of the video)

To all, to Germany and to Angela Markel

This video refer and prove one of two things, or the active participation of Lady Chancellor Angela Markel on this crime of international conspiracy, or the manipulation with this purpose done by third parts, mainly by Portuguese medias, but independent of this motivation, the crimes are real, and also real, are the facts of the absence of an official answers from Germany authorities concerning complaints about two killing at Germany.

This is also a criminal charge against Angela Markel, by suspicious of active participation on this international conspiracy by the facts in this video and the other before, stated.

i advise alll to translate this one and the other under. 429

434 E 14 11 2012, A NEW ATTEMPT OF MURDER?

I gave recent account on what I consider a new attempt to murder me at home, with the prepared pass on my wardrobe, that only by chance did not fall on me, before this one, another one in the WC, and seems by what is explained by this video, that a new one is in preparation.

433 E 14 11 2012

New criminal complaint sent to the Portuguese General Public Prosecutor and also to the European Justice Provider

New criminal complaint sent to the Portuguese General Public Prosecutor and also to the European Justice Provider

Hereby I sent the link of two of my last statements in video, published at my public space of communication, ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt, with the reference, 431 E 12 11 2012 and 429 M 12 11 2012, concerning some crimes that are present to authorities by this way.

1. The 431 E 12 11 2012, is a recording and prove of the envoy by email, within the electronic page of the site of the European Justice Provider, of eighth complaints that are also published on line in Google documents with the links available through the blog ourosobreazul.blogspot.pt.

Or in the fallow links

3.new complaint today submitted to European justice provider

letter in my blog, in this link

and doc annexed in Google doc, links under, juts copy and paste on the browser

As described I have sent all the complaints twice, and in the up loader of the embed system of the page of the European justice provider, an annex system is provide to up load annexes.

When I try to up load the first time, by the annex, all the videos of support in a zip folder that also contain the main documents, apparently they did not get there, and also no message was generated by the system itself, confirming this, what points that PT have still all them.

As I have explained recent in other crimes at PT headquarters in av, Fontes Pereira de Melo, Lisbon, this connection is inside the PT headquarters, then no other third connections exist inter between, and this point clear that the robbers in this case as many others, are PT itself.

Then I sent again, only the written documents of the complaint, in xps format, and apparently the system on the page, confirm me the arrival of them as visible on the video.

Another crime seems also be done, because as also visible on the video, there is a mistake on one writing sentence where two words are together, ”maladministration”, and this can point that also the page of the European Justice Provider was forgery again.

If true not only the videos have been stooled but also the documents that I sent and if true do not arrive to the European justice Provider and if true, this is not only a complaint of robber and forgery, but also a prove of the active participation of PT in this crime of international conspiracy, justice obstruction and active participation on the crime of robber, abuse and torture against me and my son.

You can see a frame extract for the video account with the time line correspondence, here under, where this manipulation is visible

Many crimes complaints against PT whore been present in my public access space of communication and until now, any answers, and I remember that PT is not only implied in crimes of international terrorism as also deeply involved in this international conspiracy against me, my son and many others, by a major crime, the robber of one of my intellectual and commercial products, “Canal Zero”, that after had become “You Tube” and worth in financial terms more than 3 billion dollars at least two years ago. These are reason enough to understand some of the criminal motivations of the constant crimes they do against me, my work, and the possibility of defend myself and my child.

2. In this video statement, 429 M 12 11 2012, many different crimes and entities, individuals and collective, are presented, and as I stat, they must be persecuted by the authorities. I stress also by the similar nature, the branch of this constant conspiracy, through a hidden alliance in all the Portuguese Medias, and a recent manipulation of truth done by the DN concerning the hurricane sandy, saying that he had hit 60 millions of Americans, that by itself, prove the lie.

This complaint also to the European Justice Provider, correspond to the ninety, submitted until this date.

Hereby under, a link to this document in xps on my public open access documents online, that will be available in a few days from this date

Paulo forte

14 11 2012

Sent today 15 11 2012 by email to the Portuguese General Public Attorney and by the page of the European Justice Provider.