quinta-feira, novembro 15, 2012

435 E 15 11 2012 Criminal Complaint sent to PGR, EJP, ANGELA MARKEL


This video is the prove of the envoy of the criminal accusations as referred on videos 429 M and 432, against Angela Markel, thought the Germany embassy, and also the prove of the envoy of the same criminal complaint to PGR and EJP that is published day 14 11 2012 , against PT, Portuguese telecom, for robber of videos and eventually forgery of the electronic page of the European justice provider, obstruction of justice and active participation on the international crime of conspiracy against me, my son.

And many others criminal complaints against figures of the Portuguese state

This video also account a detail, the butterflies, concerning the image coming from Tori Amos before comment in recent videos, and a kiss to beautiful Helena, that in reality bring in her dress, in the photo that she appears on the quoted magazine, the colors of the two butterflies.