sexta-feira, novembro 16, 2012

Sent now by email to Germany Parliament

To the President and Parliamentarians of the German Parliament.

Dears Lady’s and Sirs

I have sent to you an email day 10 10 2012 , , without any answer until this day, other that perhaps what I can consider some oblique lines coming from Lady Chancellor Angela Markel, and before that, others in a newspaper here by the minister of industry, if a remember well his function.

However, the content of my first email was concerning crimes and deaths of child’s in your country and what can I also consider the strange behavior of Germany embassy here in Lisbon Portugal.

I sending to you all now, two links, to two videos recently published in my open space of communication,, the second one with an inquiry to all, to Germany and to Lady Chancellor during her recent visit to Portugal, and a first one recorded before, that is important to understand the truth of the stated and to her inquiry.

You will need to translate both, because this time, they are spoken in Portuguese.

I would appreciate an answer, or the answer as non-answer and what it always translates to all.

With my compliments

Paulo forte

16 11 2012

um beijo em retorno a Ti

triple cordon, cavaco silva, and some facts that recent came again on this analyze

two new old documents with some new comments published at blog documents of support, with facts that recent came again in recent statments

The Triple Cordon, symbols of Sacred Connection between what man’s call, Heaven and Earth

This image, the triple cordon, or the umbilical cord, or the kundali serpent as all that read me, have many meanings and appears once on a very particular sunset, with the sky all reddish in a reddish way that I never saw, around the killing of Beslan, and have many resonance sand declinations during this years, namely in one of the key figures express on the dust during the fall of the towers in NY, in the baby in the throne.

Recent as I comment in a video, this image, as symbol as appear in what I thinks a video clip of swift, in the context, again, of a killing of babies, Herodes story line, king of the kings movie, and some resonances with a terrorist of state from the socialist party, Manuel Alegre, for this reason, I republished here in document of support, this old text, from my book of life, concerning a meaning of this triple cordon, thought the pope, apparently published with the fallow references, at the end of this extract, of a larger text.

The references concerning now, are the post around 18 10 2012 to 21 10 2012, with a strange story about a comet in America.

In this text written in 2009, I question again the criminal silence that pope and the catholic roman church bring about the involvement on the crime of robber abuse and stole of my son, and I’m still waiting for justice and answers

This introductory comment was write at 16 11 2012  


Mais uma prova do envolvimento do senhor presidente cavaco silva que vai nesta tramoia, com a agravante de levar vestes de estado

This major terrorist of state, Cavaco Silva, is deeply involved in this international conspiracy against me, my son, and many others, as proven ad infinitum, by the account of many criminal facts during all these years and also because all my accusations are not even accept, contrary to the law, by the so call competent authorities.

The crime here remembered concerning Cavaco Silva in this conspiracy crime against me and my son, is the deviation, lie, and justice obstruction of my official complaints sent to the Palace of Presidency in his state function, and this is the “normality” here as proven ad infinitum, all the many correspondence, that I had address to him these years do not have any answers!

This indirectly proves is active participation on this crime.

I demand 25 years of jail for him.

For in I ask a jail sentence, as all know, and hereby at documents of support, by reason of actuality, namely the recent criminal accusation against Angela Markel, that was here in Portugal with him, I remember these facts that proves is active participation on this crime and others,

This text was also other recent resonances, concerning a nearby street, rua do Patrocinio and was apparently written and published originally in May 2009. As all know, in 2011 after the japan tsunami there are some lectures that also point this street, and also concerning the Swiss and Belgium child’s deaths, but of course, nothing was done fallow the time of this writing, at prove in sum with the killings is actively participation, as all the Portuguese authorities.

This recent resonances with the name of this street and other, Carolina, is in the complaints to European justice provider, part of analyze concerning the similitude of the names, Caroline, Carolina, Marin, TVI, references.

This text also is a prove and a “good example” of the active participation in this crime by all the Portuguese curved and corrupted medias, in this particular case, the public television

I also joint here a second extract, that is part of the anterior sequence of writings, and by that reason, most significant, especially if we see it at all this distance, with hurricanes, and Gine Marie, that also had this resonance in av do Patrocinio sometime after.

At the same time, I was producing the analyze about the Abruzzo heart shake, fifty part, and this entire see at this distance by the sequence of itself, reinforce the possibility that the same group is behind. Also recent Alix quoted as another mirror before here in Abruzzo part.

As I recent stat, some of this magazines photo whore after stolen from my home. I won’t them back and these robbers on jail!

This introduction was written at 16 11 2012

Paulo forte