terça-feira, dezembro 18, 2012

this is more or less what have been erased from the last video under published

and this is the partial image id

There is indeed some that is missing on the last video, and this explain and prove why the terrorist had done so much effort concerning the crimes by remote that they have done at the same time, as i say in the video, at the end, the rich to program my video edit program to not do the entire encoding, of the entire original footage, and they have cut some parts, at least there is one detail, that after viewing it, that I remember to be there, is a complementary id concerning the Satan American figure, (ERC, here), and a part still there, the correlation with the image of Satan hidden in some sky level, behind clouds, and then I had sum, an explication that is missing, clouds , is also the graphic representation of many serves, that is known in some diagram’s concerning these matters, which means, in sum, someone connected with a farm of servers connected with satellites. The one that is the hidden Satan, and in this writing, appears ERC, which also can say in sum, someone also connected with a similar organization in America, the authorities that deal with these precise matters, or one of the links of this cona tnt, constant illusion coming from America and mirror here.

Yesterday, when I was doing the up load of this video, I saw also in DN on line, again, a manipulated mirror image with the figure of the criminal here Pedro Passos Coelho, which also in sum prove again the constant illegal access reel time to what I’m recording or writing. The image of my conversation has recorded more or less between 4 and five in the morning, of yesterday, 17, and is the part where a reflex from the ceiling light of my office, and a small reflex appears in front at my face, this line mirror in opposite terms, one of the details of boy that I record before on line at yahoo, as apparently or not, a killed child at the school, that also had a word, and a meaning in what is visible in his pullover, the mirror image at DN on line, I saw yesterday between 7 and 8 hours pm, and was a photo of the face of the criminal Passos Coelho and two lights or reflex behind upper, like two balls, a little upper the big one, that seems be also an image of a process and position of abuse, because mirror my last comment on the three images on the mupi of Alcantara, where I had also sum again, a detail that they erase from the first time that I show and the second one, the video under, because is also not there, which reinforces is importance, the image of the lady that is doing advertising to CK, have a symbol in the upper right corner, of three “ engrenagens”, line that had come before in the inducted dream, line from ANC, and the “ old moviola”. See anterior comment to understand this. 
The symbol of shell that is expressed on her clock, also appear here in the carpet of the upper floor, some days ago, like something between a shell, and a raising son, like Chinese matters, recent lines, also.

Also yesterday on DN, it appear, certainly made on purpose, the man that is in charge of yahoo, Google, financial or management department, the link of this news that are crime, also published here yesterday, and with a particular strange resonance, a financial operation made by offshores, in a country that remind me the recent evoked line of the company with servers that was destructed in Haiti earthshaking.

They also had robber all a segment in this last video, the terrorist that work for erc, with elements of Satan id that came to my conscience by the reading of the answer to Jo and other lines of recent navigation around the case of this school. I will not repeat the explanations, just the sums.

The one that is hidden behind clouds, seems also have another literal resonance where, behind the croma key wall, which mean someone that is living in the next or the other fallow building, there is one already identified with DN, see anterior references.

Some one that is hidden behind a cloud of servers, satellites, the code operations

A man that by technologies as the ability to provoke storms and thunders, this also links a fact more or less a year ago, in Lisbon, the night of the tropical tempest and two points, ERC, as image of scythe, as logo, that also connect with the image of new york magazine, once analyzed in the book of life, concerning the fall of the towers, see references about this facts on book of life.

A man that has been in Lisbon, that dates, the time that a newspaper referred that Madame Lagarde was at Lisbon to gather the support from the African groups, also comment, perhaps as I gave the account, dining that night of strange thunders, in the house more or less palace at the corner in front of the MNA, where at my passage a servant of libre, closed the wood windows, and for this, in sum with many readings in that place, possibly also connected with japan tsunami at least, perhaps even with 2005.

The crocodile, is also a specific reference in the book of Jo, them seem indeed a sum as partial id, concerning orders.

By a correspondence with a name of one the child’s, Carlotta, or similar, and other image of a young girl riding a horse like a Indian, like running from a cowboy with an anxious face, summing place of Tyra banks, south, points someone eventually from the group of Dallas, perhaps connected with ex-president bush, or from the land of birth of Tyra.

Tyra banks decline, cross delta ra, ban, correlations with the docks and group K, with banks and bankers, or financials, second ank, serpent cover, December line, 2005, newton, and the correlative references by the spot that is mentioned, also connected images around the golden ring, the pope, the ring of the power of the shadows, Naomi watts, and electricity, in the skies, Image da Vinci, illustrations on recent anterior videos, on the veils recent images, Publico, and mupis, el Corte ingles. Other correlative lines, dock, USS Cole readings, another bank, the bank big.

Group kapa, reinforce the line, Ana sat, sic, Caetano, by the analyze of the photo cover, the red delta, also a partial image at a certain point in MNA garden, tsunami japan.

This man can be also involved in the recent death of an African lady in USA by car hit, that I had recent comment.

“The one that is guilty and for this reason has been chosen”, a specific sentence from the book of Jo, that seems fit in this id, this say all about the silence pact among all the world so call representatives of the people, so well expressed and proved in this last week’s veils, also coming from Europe and European commission, see anterior videos.

Other key words from the book, answer to Jo, and declinations that can have sense on these tragedies
Private, privatio, boni, pr iva vate from Boni, pr riva iva vat tio, elias
Boni, b oni, honi, h oni, s oi it do qui m, quim, Joaquim, al pen sé
J avé, mason roman,
Leviatã, levi mason ata, beemot, bee emo ot
Sabedoria, metrópole, tve,

A queda de uma Sofia que acompanha desde sempre a criação de Deus desde os primórdios, a consorte

This again reflect a recent line, the time of the Foundation of EC, as comment in apparent others contexts
Yahoo, if all remember well, in the bush presidency, he speaks about sacrificing him, this man is known, as it is responsibility in the fall of the towers, and is cover, protected by the American authorities, is the only logic explanation for the perpetuation of these illusions all this years.