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592 E 24 11 2013 concerning two lectures in Alcantara concerning two attemps of murder, and other crimes

Two extracts of the accusation against Jose Socrates and his government

Two extracts of the accusation against Jose Socrates and his government

1-A connection between a crime of persecution and robber through Olivais finances and a fallow crime at the state register companies, CRC at Lisbon, and the heavy rains in north of Portugal just after.

The fallowing extract is from a text that I had written and published at my blog concerning the crime or persecution and robber done against me as personal contributor many time before the crimes at CRC. As you can see, in the paragraph hereby transcript, there is a key in the written of the text, that show a name, Ana daria, that when appear on my writing I did not know. At the light os the posterior crime at CRC, where I was attend by my request by a man with a name Dario, seems them this sum, saying now that perhaps this man is relative to this lady, that seems connected with a circle of UAL, at Olivais, a university crime that arise in the time of the general public attorney Souto Moura, that seems be connected with the crime at Olivais finances and specific with the letter that had supported the money robber and the seizure of the common bank account, and if true this deductions also is a prove of the existence of a bandit association and a organized crime of persecution with multiple purposes as will be explained in other point of this accusation



Essa aparente carta das finanças dos Olivais, friso aparente neste momento, pois como ireis entender, nem ao certo sei se corresponde a uma carta verdadeira emitida pela repartição de finanças em questão, reclamava a existência de uma divida fiscal em meu nome como contribuinte individual (indi, circulo ual) com o valor se não alterado no texto de duzentos e cinquenta e nove euros e vinte e ove cêntimos, (ove cêntimos,) e assim de memória, se o valor for distinto, andaria contudo (Ana daria) nesta ordem de grandeza pois assim me recordo.

( aparentemente seria, pois o valor foi na altura pago)

Crime thought the department of finances of Olivais, crime of finances thought the payments from spa, criminal accusation against ex ministry Teixeira dos Santos and others, to him as commander of one more menace of death against me and my son, and distinct acts of international terror.

An illegal seizure of a common bank account with my father, a money robber, and the purposes behind and what had appeared at time in newspapers concerning the patrimony of my father.

2- Second extract of the accusation against Jose Socrates

This lady judge, Ana Peres is the one in charge of the judgment of the case of child’s abuse, known as Casa Pia, a kind of public institution that deals with abandon child’s, which knowledge came more or less from twenty years ago and come finally to try during this socialist government, then is also possible that her public comment refereed above, also indirectly refer to this case, and the erase of information’s concerning this case.

Indeed some documents concerning this case seems been disappeared, and this can be proven by a fact that came in public domain when this crime emerge again during a visit of the president at time, general Eanes, where the child’s give him account about the abuses, and fallow this, Teresa Macedo secretary of state at time come also in public domain stating that she had seen photos with high figures of state implied on these abuses, that after a while, she again state that she did not see them, and in reality these photos never came on public knowledge, which seems translate that this photos or orgies indeed had at least exist, because there no logical sense in a contradiction in this terms, same one that start say that had seen photos and after deny it, others then two possibilities, or she started to lie, or she was after obliged to contradict herself namely thought menace or blackmails.

As I stated in write mode in my book of life concerning this case of child abuse in Portugal, where this tradition came from the old regime, the so call ballet rose case, with also some ministers at time, concerning images as way of prove, I had detected long time ago, a mis redaction on the penal code at time, written by the actual president of the supreme court, Noronha Nascimento, that lead me at a certain point to inquiry in public mode, if this apparently mis redaction of this article was not done expressly to impeach this way of prove and namely to protect the ones that are involved.

This missing documents, photos, that are refereed on the paragraphs above, do not dismiss or contradict the possibility that exist others missing documents as refereed by the lady Judge Ana Peres.
It’s clear in the conscience of many in Portugal that exist a hidden non declared agreement of silence and mutual protection between all the parties concerning the cases of child’s abuse, and this point also very clear that many of them are child’s abusers, and a simple fact demonstrate it, I do not remember as I suppose all, had listing any time, for instance from the heads of the parties, public declarations about this case, namely stating in the mane of a party, that they do all that is needed to discover it until the last consequences and bring the criminals to the justice, and this continuous absence of political positions say all to all.

During the two governments under the aegide of José Socrates, what we had seen, was the habitual covers 
and veils around cases of child’s abuse, the confirmation of the implication of some socialist figures, namely the spouse of Mário Soares, Maria Barroso in cases of robber of child’s, namely the so call Esmeralda case as proved, we see at televisions a priest from the catholic church that is or was in front of a juvenile institution at Evora when inquiry about child abuse, saying no, at the same time that he slap a child face, that came nearby at moment, we see in medias, another recurrent case of a missing child, Rui Pedro been nourish with elements that emerge from the analyses of the crime against my son, and we also see one deputy of socialist party, Paulo Pedroso been arrest by the general public attorney, Souto Moura, that after a while was dismissed and we all had seen what this case also had translate at the level of what I can define as promiscuous relations and cover also in the branch of the Judges.

These facts that I had analyze with detail during many years in my book of life that I briefly here enumerate, show the dominant political and judicial culture concerning cases of child’s abuses in Portugal, which is also the main crime against my son and me, as in the same way, I also sustain that my intervention on these fields are part of the reasons and motivations of the crime of robber of my son.

I also remember the court, the so call cases of the recordings of hearings concerning José Socrates and the case of envelope 9, and Freeport corruption case.

And I also remember that in the period of his government other case of a missing child occur, the Maddie case, that I had explain in detail, is also covered by many. 

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591 E 16 11 2013

And again today in the Portuguese news, another football player death in the filed, a youngster of 20, see the video to understand. Line of comment on Cristiano Ronaldo recent image and the boy from casa Pia, child abuses,  in the bus comment in the video upper. The other line of the " present" the image of the GB car on my street had also a recent echo on pt news, concerning someone that had been trap with a car

at under link the two last at moment reception invoices from curia concerning my pieces of my criminal accusation

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580 E 31 10 2013, a new crime in my pens, pingo doce, socrates, publico,

a version with some introductory comments that abroad the context of this pass done by Socrates in public medias as comment in videos before

579 E 29 10 2013, Lou reed last word, a new crime in my pens, Pingo Doce, Socrates, Publico, Belmiro de Azevedo

581 E 01 11 2013 Hospital Amadora Sintra, again what seem be fake analyses, an attack yesterday against my father, Sending accusation to Curia, Emel crimes and others questions

In this video, is comment the crime of erasing the invoice to Curia from the CTTs of Av. 5ª Outubro and the pass that the lady there at balcony 10, had done with the stamps, and perhaps worst crimes, namely the possibility of diverting the envoy

Also a comment on what seems be again fake analyses at the Hospital Amadora Sintra in the consultation of yesterday, 31 10 2013, which if true is again prove of the constant attempt of murder.

Yesterday also i suppose an attempt against my father was done by the terrorist, probably a poisoning act on food during a travel to Porto

this video now during this upload at PT headquarters, take more time in the encoding of you tube that is normal, this can point already adulteration's on the content due on line in the upload time, there is already one notice, this video is the 581 and not the 580 as the head of video now say, i cannot check it now, but seems also that they change the reference, this normally aims, by repetition to erase it after, and maintain my apparently order of sequence by the numbers. Probably they had already done some others in the content it self

582 E 01 11 2013, PP and invoice accusation against pt parliament 1ª part, stamp and prove erased comment

accusation against the portuguese parliament, first part send yesterday 31 10 2013

even this prove of the invoice through the CTT, above,  that i had digitized yesterday night was erased immediately after, as they do the same concerning the original take on my camera where in video i show the posts, CTT, of Av, 5 Outubro where i send yesterday the document above ( in xps) to Curia. then today, i digitized again. This show how this terrorists, still have remote control access to all my pcs and camera, and how afraid they are about justice, and the constant professional efforts they do to erase of adulterated the evidences on these crimes.As you can see there is also a tricky pass on the stamps that is comment in the fallow published video