domingo, abril 07, 2013

484 M 07 04 2013

among other comments, in this video the account on a dead yesterday of luis andrade from RTP, public television, that seems indirectly confirm my recent words and keys about the major killing of the 2005 tsunami, see anterior video to understand all the analyse

1,08 GB (1.161.386.865 bytes) is io or was the original size of the video above, because is taken so much time to process that i suspect they are already changing it, by the importance of some matters like tsunami 2005, the french key about robbers of money, and a new lecture on the panels concerning japan tsunami march 2011, that also mix with some images in international recent news papers, the Queen and the foreign affairs germany minister. 2: 22: 16 is the total running time of the video above in the player

and a complementary incomplet kiss to you at the absence of your lips

in this video i comment the robbers, indeed as i say before even kiss to you, my love they still

i want everything that as been stole on line again!!!