segunda-feira, abril 22, 2013

496 M 21 04 2013

496 M 21 04 2013 a new health attack, days of music, returning to the stolen passport and what can be the plot and remember some relations that are quoted on book of life, ICEP connections at 98, PT telecom and robbers, a brief firs comment around the last published letter and a decurrently question, Lagarde images comment, Miguel Esteves Cardoso, Boston case, first part, water, electrical taps, economic and financial questions, an example, a robber made by Maria Mendonça, another strange and criminal symmetries with names that are mentioned on the official process of robber of my son thought the court of family and Childs of Lisbon, Rogerio, among other subjects,

variable field magnet motor

tesla principles

perpetual motion, perpetual energy, discounting the "fadige" material