sexta-feira, maio 31, 2013

oklama hurricane, reina Sofia recent trip to lisbon

oklama = inversion of ko, means elevation, lama, mud, animal, peru, yahoo, first nanny
oklama hurricane, reina Sofia recent trip to portugal and torsion matter

oko, yoho, K , group K,
okay, y es dp, e, can
two cross in wood, one with the number seven and a red heart in the middle, seven, also have resonances in lotus, lotus seven, blue, blue tooth, o dente azul, the blue sarck
in a image from the sky, that appears in internet, we see the main boards structure, and a cpu with a triangle in one of the corners, like pointing a line of the devastated space, this is meaningfull because just before i had published the CURIA, Analise of the space campus of European justice, and the cpu, is also visible, then a connection must exist, in my mind as key, DE, and a position on the towers of curia or in towers at NY, DE : paulo miguel forte, wich means , some one from DE like me, PMP, hooker, MP PM, first minister, or hooker, MP, group miguel portas, PMP, bloggie, gps systems, cat PS blo gg , 99, ie, internet explorer
a object in oklama showed in the images on tv, make the connection with other image from the last visit of reina Sofia of Spain, aired on TV in portugal, a baby car, in the image of reina Sofia, three childs, a blonde one on a car like that, this seems a little bit by the old look, a mirror of j F Kennedy, that also come around just before, by the boston bomb and the library y of jf kennedy, and before that the mark of the tiger on caroline face, and japan, baby car, also have some resonances in book of like, namelly nearby this building, see references, and a dream that speaks about the same, not traffic, but more a child robber or dead, there is a parfum of maddie around, and also a old line comment on book of life, around a child in south spain, and ruba calda,
the purpose of this recent trip of reina Sofia to portugal, was apparently the traffic of child's , but i see more on that, one of the images that was aired in tv news, showed her, in photo with the two columns of terreiro do paço and this image had a development to my eyes showed by a dove, in a certain place thar reproduce the two coluns, like a judgment, and a old image at the place, with two spanihs girls, not far away, where the sheet, also was in betwen us, making a kind of separation, if a remember well, some one connected with tv Spain, or journalist
other image in tv show someone in the assistance with a red abanico, like the one that i have, that connected with the key atocha
like there was what seems a dedal negro at left of the left colun , see by front, there was two symbol of coluns, the rigth one had a hole, and a three, like a oliveira with only one branch in a angle, jewish symbol, a dove make liquid shett in the middle of the two columns, in an anscension process, at the same time, on TV a lifter systems for chairs, with a name that had a precisly mean, then this seems have been all prepared, by the other side of the two columns a tower, like an old castle. like one of the clips of the beautiful false reddish one, faul se red di serpente one, faul, PS
then next the blach dedal, change is position, to between the two coluns near the rigth one
the heart of the image from the cross of oklama, also had an echo in tv, near marta leite, and malato, two anchors of tv RTP, afternoons
curious is the fact that i was thinking about an old key concerning the torsion of matter, and images, that i had approached in book of life, see the fourth dimension movie from z big, and the code to do it, i suppose this is the first reference to matter torsion on book of life

fui internado a força no julio de matos

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