terça-feira, junho 25, 2013

523 M 24 06 2013 prove of the existence of an wall of a constant silence by all the media in portugal during all the years that this crime of conspiracy is going on, and what this say to all and to the european criminal court

522 M 24 06 2013 prove against SPA, concerning the accounts on rigths of authors and others, the robbers of income, and other crimes including a murder, Marta

all the recover work that i was doing concerning this accusation that is in my book of life from some large years without any awnser, was again be stole by the terrorists last week end by remote entrance in my pc in a public space, as i claim, proved and stated many times, it s impossible to produce any kind of work or research or even accusation in this constant criminal conditions. this is a small video that dismount the false argument that is the base of an economical robber crime during decades, not only against me as author but also against many others. in this process against SPA, there also a crime of a pirate edition of DVD from the portuguese band Xutos e Pontapes with Universal american company, and the death of Marta, murder, that arise in this process. as normal, in this outlaw country even crimes of dead, are not persecute, because i have denouce it at the moment of happening. i demand the justice that is due according the law

i ask immediatly foreigner juridical support  and assistance, from whom can give to me