terça-feira, setembro 10, 2013

543 M 10 09 2013 start with a kiss, prove the invoice to European Criminal Court concerning the crime committed against me of compulsive internment at a psychiatric hospital, and also prove the constant tricks the do with consultation

the register send with a demand of a reception invoice  

document and some details, show in the video 543 M 10 09 2013

and a reel crime today on this field

Today 10 09 2013, againcrime

By one of the pens that i use, they introduce some virus, in this case whore four, some are Trojan, which means, virus that have code instruction’s to run on the computer.

Then I run the antivirus defenders that whore already installed on the PC, and the virus whore detected, and when I delete them, some others operatives programs or part of the them, whore also erased.

The command to shut down the PC do not work anymore, the only way to apparently close it, is to put in hibernate mode, where the lamp indicator do not pulse as normal, then I do not even know if the PC is shut down or hibernating.

Also the defender antivirus was by this command erased, and another, the basic version is still working, the question is that this basic version is not update as the other was, them, the purpose of this attack is, the next time that I must use the pen, they introduce some more complex commands, that can do a lot of more harm, to the PC, or even to my working files

a possible informatics crime

when I open know my blog, the last posts, namely with the more recent videos on Syria and other lines, did not appear, the the page close and reappear with them, i suppose the terrorists are doing a " cache" on my page, at least to do not allow peoples to see these videos