quarta-feira, setembro 18, 2013

549 M 18 09 2013

548 M 17 09 2013

prove of the strangler crime on internet connections, and the robber of some video masters on you tube application, a comment on recent, last video, image, reflex on the 9 11 at NY, and interpretation key, ana zumani, the caracther in the movie, double personality, daugthers farm line develpment key, theeths, ana soto, name of ex general public attorrney and other meanings, casa pia, child abuse, ps parliamentary, paulo pedroso, a comment on the cover whit another german man, the statmente that germany will not judge portugal, statment to both, about deadly cases in Germany, scholl and love parade, emails line to Germany embassy, submarines case, up date, the corruption proves, of two submarines, Ana Dias, ps parliamentary recent statment about the submarines crimes, returning to the last part of this analyse, concerning the images, meanings, trasnpositions and links concerning the image of Miles clip and 9 11 matters around,mainly a comment on four aspects of her image. Incomplete synopse

Two Rumi kiss To You

Gyro stabilized electric motorcycle

EN-V concept