quarta-feira, setembro 25, 2013

555 M 24 09 2013

continuing this line of analyse and remembering some old acts of terror around the world . As you can understand, there is also a informatic crime that is refereed indirectly on the write text yesterday published, as by some of the my video links that are there, the ones directly connected with YouTube, prove that the videos concerning the prove( recorded telephonic conversations with the psychiatric hospital ) whore erased by probably them, just to mount again a action against me on this field, because as i also stated on my criminal complaint concerning the crime they have committed against me on May, i had ask to the court the immediate suspension of all kind of what may be considered as therapeutic treatment on this field, of course as also i had prove, i still do not have any answer from the court that is also implied on this crime   

Documents exchanged with The European Criminal Court and other official entities on Luxemburg