sexta-feira, setembro 27, 2013

557 M 27 09 2013 about what seems to be a trap or worst concerning this attempt of murder

the explanation of this line will be developed on next video, if one, which means that indeed this is again part of an ( am) inducted lecture organized namely display today here in this neighborhood, the "doctor sub line" on these last sequence of analyse 

556 M 26 09 2013 continuing these lines of this sequence of analyse

Dilma at ONU on internet matters, some pub campaigns , the outlaw  lines of this goverment on antena 2 yesterday,  virus, hepatics and cirrosis in Portugal,  António Costa Ps candidate to council of lisbon needs of votes, elections next sunday, Gisela, Keira, a dead African cat on the street, an encounter with one of my building neighborhoods, lady Di, and other subjects including of course some kiss

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