segunda-feira, outubro 14, 2013

567 E 13 10 2013 criminal accusation against mario soares, due his declarations on news paper

566 M 13 10 2012 visits october amadora sintra, health comments and a echo on underground

as all the days in this crime of conspiracy



that win the Nobel price, where at end is a quantic explanation that seems connect the image at the hospital Amadora Sintra and the underground

424 17 10 2012 crime complaint, the fall of entre rios bridge

remembering an old killing that had conduct almost one hundred peoples to death and the criminal behavior of justice bodies and old concerning the cover of this crime. After all this years justice still wait

380 E 20 8 2012 pedro p coelho and all authorities, crime complaint, up date deny of proper health c


an accusation at 20 08 2013 against the actual PM, Pedro Passos Coelho for attempt of murder and deny of proper health care as normal in this corrupted country without any answer until now