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some factos around the birth of my son , revisioned extract


The facts concerning the birthday are wrote on book of life and also there is a recent summary in video, part three at the child blog of a conspiracy crime, accusation, acts of torture against my son. (2)
Synopsis of the facts

3.1- date of birth, eventual change, place of birth

The birth occurred at 18 February 2000 according the official register, birth certificate, but by memory I think that the day was the 17Th. This can have a clear criminal purpose to abstain posterior check of the truth concerning these facts. The crime of changing registers is a constant at all the levels of this crime. (3)
The birth was at the hospital near Restelo, S. Francisco Xavier, here there are also some facts quoted in book of life, namely, SIC TV connection, journalist, Alberta Fernandes, and the dead of two children’s in an Aqua Parque, which also means by recent lines of analyze, Restelo and AV. de Roma connections with this last draws on my blog Sea Matters. (4)

3.2- the doctors birth team, the chose, the questions and doubts during the birth act

Teresa chose it by what she explain to me, it was the best doctor and the best equip, namely anesthetist, field where apparently, the first problem during birth arise, as I asked after the doctors, they say that they give too much substances on the epidural anesthesia, but true or not, this of course had change also the perception of Teresa during the birth. There whore to woman’s in the same room to have birth at the same time, Teresa and another one.

if a remember well, they also change the order on the woman’s that whore to give birth, this can have something with posterior disguises changes on registers.

As the contrary that was previous arrange they did not me allow to enter the room of the birth, claiming medical reasons, that they need to cut her, and a curtain was pulled, closing me the view of the birth, I only see the baby for a brief instant before living that room and after in a bed among many other baby’s,
looking back, I do not believe that the reason the lady doctor at the birth claim to prevent me to enter the room, whore real, in the sense, justify by medical reasons, because I know, this kind of cut is a normal thing to do at birthdays

Then Teresa was taken for a room and I wait to see her, at the entrance on that floor, services of gynecology if a remember well the name, was already night, no one inside, but in the atrium, a couple, a young lady, and a boy that told me that they whore there by another girl that enter the urgency service, but I never saw this apparently third one. The one with I spoke at that moment say to me that her name was Reina, I asked her if she was from the family of the Portuguese ex ambassador in Madrid that I know from the time that I as shooting the documentary, Me llamo Madrid, she tell she was not, later the spirit told me that she worked or was connected with TVI, another private television, she is the same type, of the lady in the VIP, the club, photo, 98, 99 expo, with stars in her face. (5)

I only see Francisco with the mother the next day, and I felt Teresa strange, I say to myself, perhaps this kind of so call depression after birth, but I still have doubts about it, which is another way to say, that I had at that point the impression that she already know that something was done, or happened, or say to her by third one concerning the birth.

  1. Key and complementary interpretations

Key: The first double of the English Bach King, must be a musician, id circle of the not made by the bell of a certain Ive cross, he, (Ive, Brazilian lady that live in London, and me here for two concerts, strange notes on them in book of life, passport lines, like a spy line with an ambassador, at Cascais concert) queen son of the doctor at the birth, circle Sala, RR, catholic radio group from Porto, that prevent me to enter the room. A certain Ju, Juliet, from the If group, that also means, Cristina Coutinho, perhaps a cousin, delta of the second lady of the Di, princess, of NS, North south, TVI group, son, or “Nossa Selecção”, group from the DN Magazine. The first one from the bec, bico use knows this. Kin from the square of the circle of the cut Isa first Norma, (GB reel name) from the NS man, English.
As seems proved in the cut of the paragraphs above, there is a real connections, but the question for me, is, if this was not due medical reason as they pretend, the answer seems fit in the exchange process possibility, because if I was inside the room, first I had saw Francisco coming out, which means, I had for from that moment a possibility of recognize him, and second, perhaps I will be with him during the process of washing and id, that was also by this reason, veil at my eyes
  1. Key

Key: The english ace from the NS Sé, he, the pro of the egg of the teacher of the lady doctor, din of the cut, from circle of the FT. he, para, = (Special Forces) of the public relations of the ph. which means the ac id December, the AB of the egg there (hospital).
The meaning on the upper paragraph, Key, says that the teacher of the lady doctor that was carrying the birth, had prepared the problem in the anesthesia expressly to provoke a need of cutting Teresa, and by this form, as they had done, justify that I do not enter the room. This seems logical for a non-expert, because the consequence of the pass done on anesthesia had taken the force of Teresa that a normal birth requires. This seems had been executed by someone in behalf of the teacher, a professional from the FT circle, apparently a “paraquedista”, or someone with professional training is this field, army forces, that seems also be implied on the creation of the AC in December, that is the month of the tsunami 2005.
This also seems logic in sum with what I stated namely in one of the texts on this sequence, prove in reverse, where I state that unknown peoples and groups had charge me for this tragedy.
  1. Key
Is from the Isa of the first one from Real, name of group dance, or Spain, Madrid. circle on neck from ti un clef circle NS but, circle he question for major me , is, if FT circle, can be a certain Patrick of a serpent use Kin, hi SW ace not td square from the UE medical queen son NS, dp hat they, Sala rio, Porto ten square, and dt he first dp n sw, é rat sé, é ms, fit, int. circle he exchange process, bec firts use if I dp ace in nin serpent ide the room, fi rs circle I man from the ad from the saw fr from the anc, or anca, hip, from SIC sico circle co da min ingles circle vase circle, which me first one from NS , first man from ad ff room (Fernandes Ferreira from DN), the first one from for, use, circle hat mome, museum from the english NT , ap of the os from the sibil of the bil it, delta circle fr, rec o gn ize him, and sec on square, action planning made by the man of the first one lady from PS. I will be wit man him of the ring of the process, o f dp ace man ingles, Andy DD id DT circle hat dp ace NS serpent teo ob delta circle, energy, is son of the queen of Vasp, journals distribution group, vase IE of the milf milk of the process on my eyes attacks

The third part of this key, gives among many details, what seems be clears ids and connections that allow a precise identification of this man and the group, or at least, part of the group behind. Also say that this man is the one implied on the exchange of the baby at the birth, acting in the births room in behalf of a USE financial, a man that is the “hip” of a French saw, from ANC, or hip of the first man sico from SIC TV communication group, from Balsemão, from PSD as Cavaco Silva, co da “witch” of the first man from NS, DN group, also media group, or NS as North South organization that is highly implied on the battle for the new world order in this last decade at least, if from NS as Nossa Selecção, from the AD, which mean PSD group from the Fernando Ferreira, a journalist of the DN group with many references on book of life, as DN, that is large implied on this crime of conspiracy, and namely with a clear branch with USE, from a circle of museum, appears one precisely name, MOME, a man with connections with the operative systems of a bill, perhaps bill Clinton, Sybil, or a first bi sexual of this group of museums, (bill here as image type have a correlation with Abílio Martins which also connect with Silvia from Porto, and by extension EUA, Amy), that this man have also connections with english NT, or north commander, which seems fit and sum in the partial id of NS organizations, that the action planning of the exchange of my baby at birth as done by the first lady of the Socialist party, I presume here in Portugal, which also confirm what I have been stating for all this years, that both major parties are implied on this conspiracy and protecting between themselves, that the man of that lady form socialist party is the one of the ring of the process, which seems translate, for a side, the one with connections with the courts here, namely at the family and miners court of Lisbon, and by other side, the ring, as an object, well explained in this long analyze concerning this crime, that also connect USE, perhaps is name will be , Andy, connected with DD , development technologies groups, which seems logic fit, in the sense that many robbers occurs in this field, that the id of the DT , dynamic tracking, process of creation of movement general speaking, is the circle of the mason hat ace from the NS serpent, the god of the OB delta circle energy, and that is the son of the queen of Vasp, journals distribution group, and also the vase of IE connected with the attacks on my vision done by a milf milk , that seems also connected with a recent image of a lady doctor with a n eyes protection mask on recent days, comment in this last videos published at this date, 21 10 2013, that by the reading seems be also the doctor lady connected with the birth act. See reference the “a doutora da cona” case.

This key also shows, the presence of an international network with branches, eventually in Spain, maybe Madrid, the financial man of a financial circle with connections with America and a lady like Kin, or Kin as real nickname of Cristina Coutinho, that seems had been the energy of the knot of SW, which translate for a side, Tsunami 2005 and for other, a music festival here organize by the genre of the criminal president, Cavaco Silva, an European doctor, apparently a Lady, that is the “queen“, perhaps the spouse, of a NS son, or a NS son, which translate in North South Organization groups, and Nossa Selecção, DN group, someone connected with a deep penetration of a young lady from Porto, eventually connected with RR group or in a more abroad sense, catholic groups

The first lady of the socialist party then can be Maria Barroso, spouse of the criminal Mario Soares, head of the socialist bandits where in Portugal, ex-president, member of the third international and with connections with the NS world organization. This Lady fit well this criminal role, as all in Portugal Know that she is implied on another exchange of child’s, in this case, “The Esmeralda Case”, a custody exchange prepared and also by her past connected with case Casa Pia and child abuse in Portugal, and this family is the responsible from the school “College Moderno”, where Francisco was, that is proved is also implied on this crime.

The paragraph under was the original paragraph on this text concerning the exchanged date of birth of my son, or daughter at the hospital and I still maintain it, by the key that it was show at the moment that I wrote it.
    1. concerning the eventual crime of change birth register

Difficult to say now after all this years, but I still think that Francisco was born the day seventeen of February 2000 and not in the day eighteen as the register say, this conviction say to me two things, that they had change the date to perhaps change the register in the hospital, and, the first one of the Sete, Projornal group, the 18 degree, mason, perhaps the one that have done it, and also I know by the spirit that after they had change again the official registers concerning the him.
3.3. 4 Key

Key : square if fi cult to say no w a ft e r a ll this, y e ars, SS, but I still, t man ink t hat fr anc isco w as bor the dat seve en teen of fe br u ary and not in the day ei gt man teen as the regi st ter sa y, t hi s c on vic ti on sa y tome t w o t man ings, t hat they man ad c h ange, t he dat to per man a ps c h ange the regis te rin the ho s pitas l, and dt he first one , o ft he, sete, gro up, the 18 degree, a am ama son, them connected with the first one from group sete, projornal, ama of the manha, also port guesa from group word, for pass, per from the man of the AP from PS, the one cross mason man AVE, catholic, from the group one it , the lace of the first one cover of the no responsible of DP “BT, Transit Brigade Police GNR” BT cross, he, spy rite cross hat first one FT, and rat reel time they , man ad Swiss angel a gain, cross he circle f bird from a Cila from Regi ( TVI company) STE, union workers spectacle rat responsible of the SC, synchronism, on se rat english nin, him

In the key above, is reinforced some of the partial ids coming from uppers keys, like, the connection and active participation of the PS man, where AP, decline also and for this reason can sum, in “Associação do Porto de Lisbon”, or from Porto as north city of this country, a connection with the group One IT, the first one from the old newspaper “Sete”, from the editorial group “Projornal”, and what seems perhaps be a more complex line, that also links some lady, perhaps a young lady from the “House of Goa” from the group Word, group of poets and Al Berto also killed some large years ago, that the delta serpent is the serpent, a lady, from AR, parliament, or company of telecom, from SS, that have mainly two meanings in my book of life, as the name of the PS lawyer (INP) implied on the crime of robber of my son Francisco, Vera Adão e Silva or someone behind her, or SS, as translation of a Nazi one, that eventually is from the FT circle of the ex Sete journal, then probably from Projornal group todays.