sexta-feira, outubro 25, 2013

To Mr. President Obama and to All

To Mr. President Obama and to All

Perhaps can you help me to understand what is the meaning behind some key photos that had appeared namely with you during what I can here call the Syria crises and the eventually of the use of chemical weapons that I had comment in a great detail in the last videos masters sequence.

Among many key images of this complex line, that are two with you in Portuguese newspapers that still puzzling me, the second one, is the one that is puzzling more, because it reflects an image that I had taken in Viana do Castelo, where upper a structure, like a bridge, surround with two small lakes, we see a child shoe on what seems to be a kind of rail.

In your image, we see you, walking out of Casa Branca, and a very similar structure is projected was a shadow in the floor, one of your feet’s in the freeze is like telling, about a feet (Mr. Fettes, Luxemburg) that was eventually crash a child, this lecture is also reinforce by the worry that is reflected in your face, of a certain worry.

The other image appears first if I remember well by memory, and is a kind of close up on you, also with an impressive expression and both hands like whore coming closer, or closing a subject.

As you know there are many lines on my book of life concerning feet’s, namely one that appears some years ago also in a beach of north of Portugal where also Viana do Castelo is and of course this two images from you, can fit in an overall sense of deaths, and even a small child dead.

Then the overall context of this sequence of images, under the umbrella of Syria crises, that do not dismiss the possible reality concerning at least some facts that had coming around on medias, also reflects by the time line of events itself, one of the lasts crimes that was committed against me of compulsory internment, where also chemical whore used, and as you Mr. president has say, there was a main question about the credibility 
of the world, of course also around the use or not, of chemical weapons.

Many other details on other mains images of this sequence, mainly coming from America, reinforces by the synchronicity itself, the existence of other deeper levels on this “message”, like for instance the photo with you, Michele, Carter and Clinton with Lincoln behind, that whore also at least used in some steps of the apparently or not synchronism (sic on rin is sm) or synchronization to obtain certain lectures.

As you know I’m fighting for the truth concerning my son that was stolen from me in the year of 2005 that I do not know until now if is indeed my son in blood, and many dark possibilities still open, namely, the exchange at birth, or even his dead and these facts strangely as I had explain in great detail seem be connected with many others correlate with the fall of the towers in NY.

Can you enlighten me, Mr. President?

I will try to explain this in a video editing, but as you know, this last weeks, the informatics attacks against me and my work happened all the days, namely to impeach this explanations and questioning, and all these recent criminals acts make me suspect that they are preparing another chemical attack on me, probably with another crime of compulsory internment.

Today morning I had receive the visit of a police man, that was delivering in hand my document with my crime complaint, my arguments, the book and the pen, (gun) with the videos included, that I had sent to the judge that had cover this crime against me, and a dispatch not even signed from someone of the court, 5º Juizo, (Júlio, says the automatic corrector) 2ª secção of Lisbon, and this is by itself an illegal way to proceed as they had done in the past. I also stress that until today I do not even received from this court the post,CTT,  confirmation that my documents above mentioned had indeed arrive there, and as all know, this kind of crimes has been a constant during all this years that this crime against me, my son and many others, is going on. (That seems also the name of a company, Ongoing, with very strange stories all during decades as known in public domain)

With my bests regards

Paulo Forte, father of Francisco forte

Lisbon 25 10 2013

Under the documents that the police bring to me this morning, 25 10 2013

Apparently there is also a stamp of the court on the first page of my document, the thir image on this sequence, but that until today I do not even received from this court the posts, CTT, confirmation that my documents above mentioned had indeed arrive there. Then also this seems fake again.

the key of the draw that I draw on the video, quantic kiss at the same link under, and other videos


the key of the draw that I draw on the video, quantic kiss at the same link under

And the draw key, that is recorded at the end, and sum with some of the image in the video concerning the hospital Amadora Sintra, where is see the reflexs of the wave, on the house, and a correlation with a detail from an old image with Obama. This draw appears after the Rossio underground scene, and seems also speaks about bus and underground explosions in London, or maybe. This line come from the past and have a lot of references , like, rossio assentada, SIC televison, saturno symbol as santana lopes PSD. there is a key on the circles od the whells of the bus, M A, wich seems mean , the bad maria, from vodafone, because there is an old draw in my book where this is explained, the magic bus and the symbol of the locker in a similar one, as what after had came teh symbol of vodafone. there is also proved that vodafone is implie in this crime for many years, namely the still of documents. I stress the attention to other details on this draw. the hooker symbol also appears as appear after on the video link under

576 E 24 10 2013, Prince Willians "mise en scene", crime at PT headquarters, Socrates and Pedro Passos Coelho