quarta-feira, dezembro 11, 2013

595 M 11 12 2013 Mandela death image conti., financial crimes and others in Portugal and European level

under the link of one the videos mentioned on this one

video kiss stole, another one, and a new page at one of the child's blog

Once more a video kiss stolen, that is mentioned in the video master 598 M published at ourosobreazul.blogspot.com, in the context of Mandela death image also comment in previous video in the same blog

all the days during all these years that this crime against me my son and many others is going on, they still, adulterated, in total impunity, this is a world and a country without any justice

other kiss at http://eubeijote.blogspot.com/2013/12/596-11-12-2013.html

and a new page at  my blog

accusation against or in world institutions CURIA, European criminal court