sexta-feira, setembro 19, 2014

new crime of impeachment

this morning I upload new five videos, under, at Pt headquarters. when i arrive to another internet shop, in the embed player, there was the same message in each one never saw, that the videos  whore too long, witch is not the case, considering others. then in you tube, they asked a confirmation by phone, that they replay, and then the videos whore apparently available. the second time that I open the browser, a new message in each one, that the videos whore private, witch is not also the option that i had selected, then in the third time they seems be working.

the two messages seems false, then this can be a way to robber and adulterate, or even change the content of some re edit videos by the terrorists, indeed, they are doing so large criminal efforts in this field these last times, namely changing the numbers and references on videos.

 I demand criminal action against these criminals!

and now at 11:50, again at the pt headquarters,  in the page of you tube I select public mode, the application confirm the change and then stay as private, again they are doing the constant crime of impeachment and gaining time to introduce adulteration's. these criminals act like nazis

801 M 19 09 2014 o trono de 95, japan e queda das torres NY

800 M 18 09 2014

799 M 18 07 2014

798 M 17 09 2014

797 M 16 09 2014

sexta-feira, setembro 12, 2014

793 M 12 09 2016 public criminal inquiry to curia, second part

792 M 12 09 2014

791 M 11 09 2014

790 M 11 09 2014 to curia and to all

789 M 11 09 2014 to curia, crimes of forgery and other terrorists acts

some of the draws included on the video 786 M 06 09 2014

in the link under
to facilitate better understanding

and what seems a prepared echo done by spying from this Dn bandits. some details seems similar to some on my draws. cover of today 12 09 2014, just see it after my publication

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