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809 M 09 10 2014 part eight, public criminal inquiry to curia

809 M 09 10 2014, part eight, public criminal inquiry to Curia.

In this video master, two videos dubbed in english, the 111 and the 112, from month seven 2011 at the time of my firsts sending’s of my criminal complaint to Curia. 

These two videos, the 111 and 112, are the second and third part of what I had called; prove one in three parts of the existence of an international crime of conspiracy against me and my son that also had infiltrated the court. The first part, is integrated in one of the video masters of this sub sequence, that I had call; public criminal inquiry to Curia, in the video master, 793 M 12 09 2014, second part, public criminal inquiry to Curia.

These two videos, 111 and 112 are the account on  my steps of my second callings to the court trying to confirm the arrival of my first letter, and the conclusion that was diverted and in the second video, the account of the calls thought the CTT post company to Curia, after sending my second letter where first of all, I had demand a criminal inquiry to the first crime of deviation and impeachment of access of justice, that also prove that the terrorists association had a branch infiltrated on the court.

Until now, I do not have any answers from the court, and the secretary of the court concerning this first and recurrent crime around the robber, abuse and torture of my son and me, and this crime as comment, also affects the security of the court itself and the rights of European citizens.

The question in this point, is, first of all, where the first letter complaint send by fax from the balcony of CTT Restauradores, at Lisbon was diverted? If there, in the way, or at Curia. The technical report at the moment of the envoy confirms the good arrival to the number of the court.

Whoever others criminal facts also points the possibility that these crimes of deviation and impeachment, whore done at Luxembourg. For instance the deviation of my letter complaint sent to Mr. Junker when he was prime minister of Luxembourg as confirmed to me in person at his official residence in Luxembourg in 2013 by his reception services, which is contradicted by the existence of the signed register of deliver from the company of posts CTT that had come from his cabinet, in the day that Mr. Junker has been demised by the parliament as prime minister of Luxembourg, in a context of crimes of abuse of power within the activities of secret polices that same details that had come on public domain also mingle with aspects of the robber of my son.  

Of course, Mr. Junker himself, have criminal motivations at least in the maintenance of this crime against me and my son, as I had proved many time in the pass thought my statements, namely the political profit and guidance, as many others at high political European institutions levels.

Of course that a criminal research will enlighten these criminal responsibilities, but criminal research, as first of all the fundamental right of complaint, is what is continuous deny during all these years that this crime against me and my son is going on, at all the levels and not only in Portugal, by all the institutions with duties on these matters. 

These two videos also prove the continuous effort that the terrorist do to change all kind of registers and dates on the production of prove.

At the end of the first one, a very strange imago mundi of the sky rappers on the lac of the ducks at MNE garden (the foreign affairs ministers, that seems reflect the NY crimes). This detail is important in sum with others that had already established some connections between Curia, the court, and the fall of the towers in NY, as approached and explained in other previous documents.

As visible on one of the integrant videos, at a certain point during my phone calls, they had disconnect in my face the call without any justification, this fact and bad attending and disrespect on treatment sustain in sum with others facts, the existence of a previous order to impeach my complain at this court.

This video does not have introductory comments addressed to the court or the president

This video has a total running time of 01:24:28:12

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