sexta-feira, outubro 10, 2014

810 M 10 10 2014 extract about panels keys from the 809 M

810 M 10 10 2014 with some extracts from the 809 M.

Where I present the new discovers on the analyze of the panels, the new figures; 

The giraffe face, which is also a figure present in the dust mysteries at the moment of the towers fall in NY, and by this reason also reinforce the links between these different tragedies, as in the same, the possibility of the existence, or a common process, or even a common group.

Another figure that I call, the Geppeto face or Pinoquio, the Portuguese word for this universal character, that where in Portugal has a correspondence with Socrates, the anterior PM from the socialists or donkeys in the American correspondence. An also some far away sub lines, at the time of the earth shake in Abruzzo, Italy.

A detail on the figure of Fido, seven up, the surfer, the eggs of Salazar, Constitutional court chicken images an Ribatejo sub lines, and some of the contextual lines around this figure at the time of Japan tsunami in march 2011, that seems match the pattern and texture visible in the recent, last week or two, new volcano activity in japan.

I gave also the account on some reflections, thoughts and deductions on what can be the connections or relations between these figures and the others in reverse, which means, in the other side of the same panel.

I also show others details on images that are complementary to the anterior ones present in previous videos about the new developments on the analyze of the panels, namely in the video master, 806 M 22 09 2014, the shadows forms that are visible in the real image in the third panel, and the objects that projected it, namely, the two inks pots, the alligator, ouril, or uril, and the bus of the militaries.

And two old photo frames at the underground metro station in Olivais that had been analyzed at the time of the tragedies in London, and after in Japan, the two vases, like the two nuclear reactors that explode in japan in march 2011 and also a memory of another connection with the chimneys of Sintra palace and the contextual lines around.

I stress that are also new developments on these analyze integrant part f the video master, 807 and 808 that are not included on this extract, that correspond to this master, the 810 M 10 10 2014. 

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