quarta-feira, novembro 26, 2014

836 M 26 11 2014 to Curia and to all, the Toten, the butterflys, Mario Soares wing

831 M 20 11 2014 a kiss to hillary , mariana monteiro and others crimeds

because du the constant crimes, these terrorists had aim to robber this video from the pages of my blogs. there is 22:32 pm at lisbon, i upload again the videos after the usual crimes at PT headquarters, and at  lest one of them still cut, as possible to understanding when seeing it.
a link of an apparent similar crime commited against me las years thatstill without any awnser, against another portuguese if true the news in Publico

835 M 25 11 2014 to Curia and to All , the constant persecutory crimes against fundamental human rigths

once again, today, the constant crime of impeachment

I´m at the Pt headquarters and i had try again a few times to upload the videos that are missing on the page and upload two news ones, one concerning a key that is referred on the last video published to curia, the mario soares garden entre campos, house in the forest image, that i suppose this terrorists have already stole meanwhile this criminal pass here, because this drive started to open by the uploader, one time, it start upload, and then the application stop, and this normally says that they still meanwhile

I demand the expedite action of the european criminal court to put a end to this crimes against the fundamental human rights, the right of free speech, the right of complaint and defense

I have try also to upload two new videos and the terrorists succeed this impeachment and the robber of this facts and demonstrations

after many attempts to upload again the 830 and 832, they still not work in the page. put them online!

terça-feira, novembro 25, 2014

a new crime of impeachment

I have again try to upload the two missing videos in the public library of Alcantara, and again the terrorist had succeed to impeach the up load as i will show on a new video, if a still can make an upload in this fascist country in the Nazis hands, where this crimes against the fundamental human rights happen all the days!!!

of course some of the videos, establish some links namely with Durão Barroso and some details on the Asia summit image, by others words, tsunamis matters.  

segunda-feira, novembro 24, 2014

second time that i try to upload this video,832 M 21 11 2014, and the terrorist are impeaching it, i will see next time that i came to this PT headquarters if they succeed more this criminal act



833 M 23 11 2014 to curia an to all

832 M 21 11 2014

830 M 22 10 2014-2, because as explained the first editing was robbed

crimes of impeachment or worst

just now arriving to PT headquarters, monday at 18:27 pm, i realize that one of the last videos uploaded last friday, that seem worked after publishing it on the pages, do not work, and the youtube says that the upload failed, which is not the case. i will published again if I succeed to upload again, and if the one that i bring in my pen, was been not meanwhile also adulterated

sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2014

many terrorist attacks

today, even they reach, in the underground portages to kaput my PC, and as you can understand one of the videos , the 830 M will be not published today, i suppose, by the fact of the prove in video of the airplane flight out of hours in the sky's of Lisbon, a line strangely reflected on the newspapers, about Putin and the presence of a unidentified object on the space, a kind of joke to veil others realities

832 M 21 11 2014 returning to my comments on my last trip to north and others crimes, national, like drive license and even international ones

831 M 20 11 2014 a kiss to hillary, mariana monteiro and others

829 M 18 11 2014 miguel macedo, secrete services demission and NY, Russia recent lines

as usual, the terrorists are doing a very complex effort of impeachment, among others crimes, they had succeeded that my laptop do not work, through the underground machines, there are two important photos from the book, "chegámos à lua" a line that come from Putin as explained in this video, that links, the name Kerr, a NASA contractor from the Apollo times, Apollo have also some others references on my book of life. this sub line, Putin, Apollo, is important in the context of the NY fall, after many time, apparently I reach to up load the photos

terça-feira, novembro 04, 2014

always this constant affront on this country on the Nazis hands

...I ask the European criminal court a jail sentence for the actual and precedent president, Jorge Sampaio and Cavaco Silva, for acting and cover of this crime, and, acting as active member of this criminal association for the robber, abuse and act of torture under my son an my self, by participating in this crime of international conspiracy, and consequently in the right part and responsibility in all the sub crimes dues during all this years, namely multiple and constant attempt of murder, and full inhibition of carrying all kind of functions and public and or associative roles for life.

this is an extract of my criminal accusation published and sent to Curia many years ago, and as all know, i still do not have any answers, just this constant affront

Terça-feira, 4 de novembro

terrorist attacks on the sound and controls of the video embed player

in the page of the upload at you tube, when i upload the anterior sequence of videos appear for the first time an option saying that the user can chose between the presence of the controls on the player or not

in this sequence of upload videos today, i do not chose that option and now when i open the page, the player controls are not embed on the video player, and of course also the possibility of chose the sound level

then i go again to the page of my channel in you tube and i have try to change the settings, but this option on the page do not exist there, where it was first time.

then is obvious that the terrorists are doing a great effort to maintain the sound level very low to difficult peoples to understand the words.

in sum when i m at a internet shop i barely can listen the sound on my own videos!

now on the coffee where i m near PC Chile, in some of the today's published videos the controls appear, in others not!

put all back at it was with all the controls and to authorities, put a end to this constant crimes!

kiss 2, a máquina de emaranhar paisagens, e dois outros poemas de herberto helder no blog kiss, húmus e o amor em visita

823 M 03 11 2014, the constant nazis crimes

822 M 03 11 2014, to curia, on pt newspaper I of 9 10 2014, and connections namely with Japan and NY

821 M 02 11 2014 part 10, public criminal inquiry to Curia

820 M 31 10 2014, cut coat at my home, the constant nazis crimes

the title of the last video published under this one, was adulterated by the terrorist, they had change the word, previous to precious, and this induction had a particular intention, as perhaps many will remember. a quote of a music sing by a canadian lady. See references on my book of life.

i ' m uploading this videos at PT headquarters, and by what i see on the upload page of youtube, seems that the terrorist is already online, oni, namely it appears a fist message around this video that i never saw before, it seems then this will be again a cache. stop this terrorist!