terça-feira, novembro 04, 2014

terrorist attacks on the sound and controls of the video embed player

in the page of the upload at you tube, when i upload the anterior sequence of videos appear for the first time an option saying that the user can chose between the presence of the controls on the player or not

in this sequence of upload videos today, i do not chose that option and now when i open the page, the player controls are not embed on the video player, and of course also the possibility of chose the sound level

then i go again to the page of my channel in you tube and i have try to change the settings, but this option on the page do not exist there, where it was first time.

then is obvious that the terrorists are doing a great effort to maintain the sound level very low to difficult peoples to understand the words.

in sum when i m at a internet shop i barely can listen the sound on my own videos!

now on the coffee where i m near PC Chile, in some of the today's published videos the controls appear, in others not!

put all back at it was with all the controls and to authorities, put a end to this constant crimes!

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