sexta-feira, janeiro 03, 2014

terrorist attack on my blogger at 2:52 date 03 01 2014

at this moment, i m trying to up load the video 621 and the system already crash two times, as all can see, the link and other information appeared at the bottom of the page without being active, witch mean that peoples can not see the child blogs, and the same with the links that link the archives.I  suppose that they are already trying to re edit my video,that start to explain the sophisticated technical process that the professional video editor is using to adulterated my videos statements, morphing as they had done in last videos,then I dismount the last Cavaco Silva illusion on the newspaper yesterday, concerning the end of the recession,and I demand again jail for him, by the robber of my son and many others crimes already proved in the past. I also approach the crimes in this field of communications and spying and big brother  at world level and the politic questions that we all face, i also give some complementary aspects of recent reading namely France,a recent remote and a dream induction, and connection with the sub line of the cat, the network of the crime,Marseille, Use,the last bombs in Libyan and the older connections concerning Israel and Palestine, Shimon Perez  health status yesterday news at Antena 2 public radio,Germany lines, submarines corruption case, and Michael S, Stadium killing, the sub line commissions at 92, remembering some old facts accounted in book of life and Japan


621 M 03 01 2014

working in progress, concerning my criminal accusation against the judiciary portuguese institutions