domingo, agosto 03, 2014

767 M 02 08 2014

above two photos comment, as one, or they had again adulterated the photos on the on-line edition  as can be understood in this video statement

Domingo, 20 julho 2014 
the "diva line" and the metaphor veil of love passes or hunting heads 
one of the socialist bandits, and the apparently echo to my previous comments around the analyze of Visão magazine in 95, and the fall of other plane in italy

766 M 01 08 2014

recent comment covers on Portuguese newspapers. links to the photos from on-line editions.
in th upper post a photo from DN and one of publico that is comment on the video 767 M 02 08 2014

about the war or apparently war between israel palestine. photos comments on recent videos statements


they take away from on-line two of the most important on this analyze covers, the links with previous pope image with the two Palestinian ladies, one in black like praying to God. this is a prove of they active criminal participation on the cover of these tragedies

on the Russian plane. "a broca de esmoriz", dentists,  or Esmoriz as beach in the north" one of the first lines of my analyze

Quarta, 30 de julhoQuinta-feira, 31 de julho de 2014Quinta feira 24 de julho 2014Sábado, 19 julho 2014

on the right side down, reflect again the form of the mademoiselle rear wings as understood by the photo details. ( recent line with obama cover on day D and further analyze developments)