quinta-feira, agosto 28, 2014

again a video kiss robber , that i detected just now, this one to Gwen

781 M 28 08 2014 new finances persecutory crime within this conspiracy

780 M 26 08 2014

some of the covers referred on this video comment,again the cover with the image of the president judge of the constitutional court is missing from the online newspaper edition, the same recurrent crime and more than that, the prove of they cover!

i just find after the image with the TC pr judge that is comment on my video that reflects the image at my WC.

also a link of a summary text around the robber of my works on an DVD edition done by the american company Universal, that approached on this comment and anterior namely remember Obama, that even deaths had occurred correlated with this crime that still without answers


Seg., 25 agosto 2014

Terça, 26 de agosto de 2014