quarta-feira, outubro 22, 2014

about the spying criminal acts, and remote control on my pc

This three photos are scans of the back of my samsung. As court already know, there are many recent suggestions around the possible existence of a transmitter in the back of the plasma screen.

Summarizing i remember the last inputs on this criminal matter, 

The photo from the O Porto group, Paulo Cunha e Silva comment in anteriors videos, that also had aquacquiredhers criminal contexts such as the fall of the Entre Rios bridge, Beslan killing and pregnacy and abort matters.

The image of  Mr. Fosun, the chinese entrepreneur, by a detail, the coat buttons that also enlarge the context to 95 as years .

As the court can see, there are two chips that are different from the others, and one of them, is out of balance which is not usual on this kind of equipment and give corpus to the suspicious of one put after, that can be the transmitter

814 M 22 10 2014 panels, links between Japan and NY, the giraffe figure

this power point video must have 35 slides

813 M 21 10 2014 To Curia, I insist of the arrest of the PT PR parliament

812 M 19 10 2014 a kiss to Gisela João, by a photo on DN with Brian Adams that by the content seems speak about others realities or eventually crimes

This video was robber and adulterated in part at is visible in it. and i had to encode it many times, in the title the name of Brian Adams as been adulterated also by rian adams, suggesting perhaps another name like Rhian.