sexta-feira, outubro 24, 2014

the video todays published is not a duplicate of the anterior published

the link of the anterior, that now when the viewer click the player, says that this video is a duplicate and do not run

please put it online!

because there are in this version the prove of the constant terrorists crimes of adulteration.

if you do not so, you can also be accountable on the crime of impeachment of justice and co  participation on the net of international terrorists that robber and adulterated what i m doing

815 M 23 10 2014 a comment on the plasma samsung diagrams published 22 10 2014

this video is in HD, to allow the court to check well, this possibility of crime.

if the chips are indeed transmitters, this will lead also to another question. If the board where they are, is the original board coming on the samsung pc, because if so, we must conclude that the board are already pre prepared to allow this crimes and if true, this extend the criminal responsibility to samsung also.

812 M 19 10 2014, again re published by the reasons explained in the text

this video is another editing of the same already published under, in day 22 10 2014,  

that as court know, was target of many attempts of real time adulteration s and even robber of some takes. the adulterations, namely ion the beginning, two mixed shots, whore a constant done by the terrorist  in this particular video edition, and of course is also integrant part of the creation, induction, of second senses.

Also in this new version, at the end a shot where is visible the erased takes from my small camera.