sexta-feira, novembro 21, 2014

many terrorist attacks

today, even they reach, in the underground portages to kaput my PC, and as you can understand one of the videos , the 830 M will be not published today, i suppose, by the fact of the prove in video of the airplane flight out of hours in the sky's of Lisbon, a line strangely reflected on the newspapers, about Putin and the presence of a unidentified object on the space, a kind of joke to veil others realities

832 M 21 11 2014 returning to my comments on my last trip to north and others crimes, national, like drive license and even international ones

831 M 20 11 2014 a kiss to hillary, mariana monteiro and others

829 M 18 11 2014 miguel macedo, secrete services demission and NY, Russia recent lines

as usual, the terrorists are doing a very complex effort of impeachment, among others crimes, they had succeeded that my laptop do not work, through the underground machines, there are two important photos from the book, "chegámos à lua" a line that come from Putin as explained in this video, that links, the name Kerr, a NASA contractor from the Apollo times, Apollo have also some others references on my book of life. this sub line, Putin, Apollo, is important in the context of the NY fall, after many time, apparently I reach to up load the photos